The Change of a High-level Provincial Official

A high-level official of a provincial Party committee followed Jiang Zemin's political gang in brutally persecuting Dafa practitioners. He wrote vicious articles to attack Dafa, and ordered policemen to beat practitioners, as has been reported on Clearwisdom.net. The practitioners of this province collectively sent forth righteous thoughts, to eliminate the evil force behind him. Under the strong force of righteous thoughts and seeing the principle of karmic retribution, he finally awakened to his conscience, realized the nature of the evil force, and changed his view toward Falun Gong.

During his address at a recently convened provincial conference, after he read a sentence about Falun Gong in his keynote address, he put down his notes, and said, "There are so many corruption cases that ought to be addressed, why should we wrestle with Falun Gong? Falun Gong people are all our brothers and sisters." After this he went on with other topics.

(Provided by a participant at the conference. Certain details have been removed to protect the safety of persons involved)

Although With Great Mercy, Gods and Buddhas Also Punish the Wicked

My colleague Xiao Yu is kind-hearted and likes study. However, on the issue of Falun Gong, she was affected by the state media and did not have a good understanding. When I told her the truth, she said, "Let me go home and study it."

Several days later, on a unit bus, she told me, "These days I have read some books on the history of Buddhism. I came to know that originally Buddhism also went through a lot of tribulations. There were many stories about Monks who stood up to protect the Fa. Isn't there a phrase in a movie that states, 'Although with great mercy, Gods and Buddhas also punish the wicked'? The government applies brutal force to arrest people and destroy temples. What can you do, wait to be beaten to death? In the past monks had given their lives to protect Buddha's Fa. How could you Falun Gong people be wrong for protecting your own belief? Not to mention that you only use the most peaceful ways. I now understand why Dafa practitioners had to go to Beijing and to Zhongnanhai to appeal."

Display Cibei (a Benevolent Heart) Toward Common People

One day fellow practitioner Ma and I went to an elderly woman's home together. When the woman mentioned that her health was no longer as good as before, Ma then promoted the Fa to her, talking about her past history of myocarditis. Ma had been unable to do any work, and with the least bit of carelessness she would faint. The doctor predicted that, at most, she had two years to live. After she started practicing Falun Dafa, not only her health recovered and exceeded the two-year term, but she was also able to perform many tasks. Nonetheless, the old woman simply listened to the story half-heartedly. Then Ma sat on the ground in lotus position and demonstrated the sitting meditation. The woman became very interested in the hand gestures, and asked me whether I could do it, so I then performed the hand gestures also. She commented, "Yours does not look as good as hers." At the time, I did not think too much about what she said. After we left her home, Ma told me, "When I made the hand gestures, I wanted to display all my cibei (benevolent heart) toward all beings, so that she might obtain the Fa." Hearing this, my heart was moved. I instantly understood why the woman said that Ma's hand gestures looked better.