(Clearwisdom.net) The reality of the bloody persecution toward Dafa practitioners at the hands of guards in the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp in Shenyang City, Liaonong Province is in stark contrast to their lies broadcast on the television. We hereby expose to the world the tortures that Dafa practitioners had endured during their illegal detention, because of their firm belief in "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance." Due to the news blackout, the truth of what went on in that camp has been completely blocked. Very few people know about the brutality viciousness of the guards at the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp.

Li Ping is a resident of Linghai City. In November 1999, a debased camp team leader shocked her with three electric batons. She was handcuffed onto a basketball pole. It snowed and the wind blew. A thick layer of snow fell over her body. The authorities carried her back when she was frozen. Once a policeman forced her to keep standing for a long period of time in the bathroom. The leader of a criminal group dumped a bucket of pig slop, which was made of decomposed food scraps, leftover vegetable soups and Wowotou [a kind of steamed buns made of corn meal or other cheap cereals that was eaten by the poor in northern China] on her head and left trash all over her body. As long as she practiced the exercises, refused to recite or obey the labor camp rules, the corrupt team leader would order the leader of the common prisoners to brutally beat her. These beatings resulted in her legs always being swollen bruised. The prison warden kicked her constantly with the tip of his leather boot. One day, some brutal policemen lifted her up and then dropped her on the ground, making fun of her, saying, "You go ahead and practice!"

Chen Li, about 40 years-old, was from Xingcheng City, and had been illegally sent into that labor camp in November 1999. She had been on the hunger strike for over 80 days to protest the injustice. Daily, the prison personnel force-fed her and injected her with an IV infusion. She was often handcuffed and, once she would practice the Falun Dafa exercises, the guards would brutally beat her. On one occasion during the winter, a violent police officer asked a "criminal leader" to force-feed her with water. As a result, the "criminal head" poured the whole bottle of water on her, from her neck down, and soaking her entire body. They also asked her family to bear the medical expenses of the forced IV infusion. She was tortured so severely that she was only skin and bones.

He Guiqin, nearly 60 years-old, was from Xingcheng City. As she protested with a hunger strike, the law breaking police force-fed her and injected her with medicines. Sometimes her mouth was torn, because they pried her mouth open. Once, a security guard pushed her down on the ground, knelt on her ribs and compressed them severely. She fainted. When she woke up she was covered in a cold sweat. The criminal prisoners stole all of her money. When her money had all been stolen she had to clean up the trash for other criminal prisoners to earn money to buy daily necessities.

Zhang Huishuang, about 40 years-old, was from Benxi City. She was illegally detained at the Benxi Forced Labor Camp at first and was later transferred to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. In 1999, in order to go to Beijing to clarify the truth, she walked for 11 days to get there, but was caught on the way. She was often brutally beaten in Bengxi because she practiced the exercises. In the winter the depraved police forced her to stand outside in the freezing weather and her fingers became frostbitten. The brutal police also put her on a bed, using a torture device to cuff her arms and legs, then pulled her limbs outward, like "using five horses separating a person's body" [a very cruel method to treat criminals in ancient China also known as to be "drawn and quartered" in the dark ages in Europe]. They tortured her for 2 hours. She almost fainted from the severe pain and was bathed in sweat, soaking her clothes. After the torture she couldn't walk for a very long time. Since she was sent to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp, she additionally suffered inhuman treatments that most human beings can hardly endure. May and June of 2000 were the periods of time when the labor camp authorities strictly forced practitioners to give up practicing Dafa to achieve their "brainwashed quota"[the percentage of those practitioners who were forced to give up.]. She was in the team assigned to prison guard Zhang Yan who beat her and kicked her everyday. She was also forced to stand in her cell alone, from morning until night. Those who betrayed Dafa as a result of the brutal tortures were allowed some freedom. Everyday, she was surrounded and attacked by groups of traitors who kept trying to instill her with evil theories and understandings. She refused to listen to them and only firmly believed in Teacher and Dafa. After she was forced to stand for one month, they started using electric batons to shock her. She was continuously shocked for 5 days. Sometimes, the duration at each session was very long. The longest such session lasted from about 6:00 p.m., until around 11:00 p.m. She was beaten for a while and continued to be shocked for a while. Everyday, they ordered her to remove her clothes when being shocked. She kept silent for more than one month, enduring all kinds of tortures. She looked very haggard due to the severe abuse. As she recalled it herself, "Finally, I went through all of those. I really felt like 'Hundreds of hardships drop at once'"[Teacher's poem collection "Hongyin"]. Even when she was beaten, electrically shocked and being attacked by the traitors, the barbarous police team leader called her husband and told him to "persuade" her. Her husband called her and threatened her with divorce if she would not give up cultivation. Her husband wrote many letters, one to persuade her to give up Dafa, the other one was to divorce her. She was very frugal with her money in the camp. Except for toilet paper, she didn't buy anything else. In the summer she wore only one set of clothes. She washed it at night and wore it during the day when it was dried. In winter, she wore a pair of old cotton-quilted shoes that she picked up. Fortunately a practitioner gave her an old cotton-padded coat, and it helped her through the winter. She has always been generous to others and strict with herself. She had never attended school and was illiterate. Whenever her family wrote her a letter, the team leader read to it to her. She told me, "I only recognized the characters in Zhuan Falun [the major book of Falun Gong.] Whenever I encounter tribulations, I thought of the words Teacher has said."

A practitioner about 30 years-old from Chaoyang City was illegally sentenced to forced labor for three years. She had been running a restaurant for 13 years and was an entrepreneur who had a fortune of over 2 million Yuan [the average salary of ordinary Chinese people is 500 Yuan per month]. Before she obtained the Fa she had many illnesses. Her mind was filled with how to make more money. After she obtained the Fa, all her illnesses disappeared. She no longer lived for money, as if she changed into another person. She was righteous, and her ability to take hardship and show endurance was beyond that of everyday people. Her heart towards Dafa was steadfast like solid stone, and she never complied with the authorities' persecution. Once the camp team leader shocked her mouth with an electric baton when she recited Teacher's articles. She continued reciting and didn't stop until the electric baton was removed from her mouth. In her local detention center, because of practicing the exercises, she had been brutally beaten, handcuffed, forced to wear shackles and locked up in a "small cell" [The detainee is locked up in a very small cell individually. The guards handcuff practitioners behind their back in a fixed position, in which the practitioners can neither move nor lie down. The small cell is very damp and no natural light comes in. Detainees have to urinate and defecate in the cell. Only half of a regular meal is served to detainees locked up in a small cell during the daytime. During the night the rats are running around. The stench in the small cell is so bad that it is difficult to breathe]. When she was sent to the labor camp, she had just come out from the solitary compartment. Her feet were badly swollen from the shackles. She couldn't get her shoes on and wore slippers when she arrived. In the labor camp, because she led the practice of the exercises, recited Teacher's articles, and staged a hunger strike many times, she was brutally beaten, shocked, and physically abused. In the first month of her stay at the camp, she went through her days being electrically shocked, beaten, otherwise physically abused and being on a hunger strike. She never stopped her hunger strike protesting the outrageous abuse for a single day. Later, she was transferred to Female Camp No. 1 and was put in the criminal section. Everyday she endured an overload of hard labor. During the hard labor she had additionally faced the hardships other prisoners deliberately made for her, and endured extreme pressures from all other sources.

Cui Yaning, about 30 years-old, from Jinzhou City, was a college graduate. In November 1999 she was illegally sent to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. Right after she entered the camp, team leader Ji Li shocked her with an electric baton because she refused to read the prison rules. Later she was brutally beaten and physically abused because she practiced the Dafa exercises. In November 1999, she went on a hunger strike for over 20 days, and spent the whole month enduring extreme suffering. In June 2000, she was physically tortured and shocked with electric batons because she didn't give up cultivation and refused to write letters to promise to give up her belief.

Practitioner Lin Yan from Huanggu District, Shengyang City and Liu Fengmei from JinZhou City were also physically abused and shocked with electric batons, together with her. The lawless police forced her to stand up for 4 or 5 days. After that they started to use electric batons to shock her. Everyday practitioners were forced to stand from 6:30 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. or to keep squatting for 18 hours without moving. Then the three were shocked, one by one, with electric batons. Other practitioners were forced to sit on a wooden stool from 6:30 am until 12:30 a.m. At that time, there were over 70 people in the team. Prison police officer Zhou Qian was the team leader. Wang Yanping was the division chief, Gu Quanyi was the political Instructor, Zhou Qin and Su Jing were the camp directors. They were the police officers that directly participated in persecuting practitioner Cui Yaning and many other practitioners.

Practitioner Liu Fengmei, female, about 30 years-old, from Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, was illegally put into Masanjia Forced Labor Camp in November 1999. As she practiced the exercises, staged a hunger strike and recited Teacher's articles, the vicious policemen often beat her, shocked her with an electric baton, physically abused her, forced her to stand in a snow field and to sit in the snow field while being electrically shocked. In November 1999, she was on a hunger strike over 20 days to protest the persecution. Once she was locked up and brutally beaten in a small room with the windows covered with newspaper. Hearing the screaming there, practitioners in our cell staged a hunger strike to request the release of the beaten practitioner. After a while evil director Su Jing dragged her out of the small room. She was emaciated and extremely weak. After undergoing a physical examination, her blood pressure was only 20mmHg [normal is 65 to 85mmHg]. Her bed was the upper berth. She could not even manage to get onto her bed and fainted in her attempt. Afterwards, she was still beaten up, even when she was force-fed and receiving an intravenous infusion. Then she was transferred to the "extensive labor" brainwashing sub-unit.

In June 2000, she was brutally tortured again. In order to achieve the "brainwashed rate" quota, the vicious officials in the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp made her and some other practitioners their "examples." Initially they physically abused them by forcing them to stand 18 hours everyday. Later they shocked them with an electric baton for a long time. The skin on her neck was black from being electrically shocked and blisters appeared on both her neck and hands. On the second day, the police shocked her with two high-voltage electric batons. They stripped off her clothes, tied her two legs together and shocked her for a very long time. The skin on her neck was burnt darker, and large area of blisters appeared all over her neck. She had big blisters on her hands as well. It took a long time for the blisters to disappear. When we asked her whether she was in pain she shook her head, her eyes full of tears. After she was electrically shocked she was confined in a solitary compartment. Several days later when she came out, she had turned into an extremely emaciated state. When she was forced to work, she did not know how to do the work distributed to her by the team leader and thus could not finish, the team leader abused her everyday. As her family was poor, she would not spend even one cent more than absolutely necessary. Because she worked slightly slower, the head of the common criminals often abused her. Her situation now is unknown. The vicious police who had electrically shocked her were Zhang X [middle name unknown] Rong (team leader), Wang Haimin (division chief), Zhou Qian (team leader), Wang Yanping (division chief), Gu Quanyi (political instructor). Director Zhou Qin and Su Jing supported and approved this criminal activity against the practitioner.

There are still many practitioners in the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp who firmly believe in Falun Dafa. Some of them had walked out of the labor camp openly and dignifiedly, and some have not yet done so. Among them are school principals, university lecturers, lawyers, university students, college students, those that are illiterate, entrepreneurs with assets of millions of Yuan and owners of factories. One of the incarcerated practitioners is a hairdresser who spent tens of thousands of Yuan to build a public bridge over a nearby river after she studied Falun Gong. In order to validate Dafa, they all came together and had spent two full years in Masanjia. Everyday, they eat bread made of maize (corn flour) with plain vegetable soup, enduring humiliation to their human dignity, physical tortures, mental abuses and the emotional pains of being separated from their families. But they firmly believe in the truth of universe, "Truth, Compassion and Tolerance," from the beginning to the end. Their righteous hearts were indestructible, rock-solid like Vajra. No force, no menace could change their hearts.

The Masanjia Forced Labor Camp is a living hell. We practitioners illegally detained there were forced to work over 16 hours everyday. Sometimes we had to work 18 or 19 hours, and even up to 36 hours in a row. That was from March 7 to 12, 2000, when we were forced to make some products for export. That batch of products was waiting to be shipped overseas right away because the customer needed them in a hurry. The director ordered us to work overtime. So from 6:30 a.m. on March 11 to 4 p.m. on March 12, we worked nearly 36 hours and were not given a meal for overtime, but were still served bread made of maize. On the contrary, at noon on March 12, they did not even distribute meals to those practitioners who had not finished their work. As the schedule was tight, they did not deliver meals and we did not have time to go for a meal, either. The team leaders often shocked practitioners with electrical batons who did not finish their work and otherwise abused them. The "traitors" only worked half of the day and "studied" half of the day. They did not have a fixed workload.

Practitioners who firmly believe in "Truth, Compassion and Tolerance" were forced to endure long overtime work loads in the extensive labor brainwashing sub-unit and also the mental pains of not being allowed to be visited by their families. What's more, they had to endure the 24 hours "closely monitoring" everyday. Some common criminals were specially assigned to watch practitioners, meaning we were watched all the time, anywhere; whenever we were having meals, sleeping or going to the bathroom. Practitioners were not allowed to talk with each other, write anything or spread "Truth, Compassion and Tolerance." If any common criminals did not work hard in monitoring to achieve what the authorities required, the vicious team leaders would extend the common criminals' detention term. Therefore, the common criminals monitored us very tightly, and the atmosphere was both horrible and depressing.

I was the one who came out from this labor camp. Many of my neighbors and acquaintances asked me about the situation there; whether I was beaten, electrically shocked or tortured, and whether there were female practitioners being thrown into male cells, which was exposed in our Dafa truth-clarifying flyers. To these questions, let me give some comments. Any practitioner who firmly practices Dafa and "Truth, Compassion and Tolerance" would have suffered a lot in the labor camp. This is definitely true. As long as we practiced the exercise, studied the Fa or refused to write the "three statements," to promise to give up Falun Dafa, we would be tortured and given a lot of mental pressure. I was in the first group of practitioners illegally sent into the labor camp, and that was on October 29, 1999. I was beaten up, electrically shocked, confined in a solitary compartment, and physically tortured. We had no rights to speak of. The vicious team leader forced us to give up the belief in "Truth, Compassion and Tolerance," otherwise he would torture us. As long as I went on a hunger strike, these vicious police forced me to sit on a chair and step my foot on two electric batons. Two persons sat on my two legs to push down. They would not stop shocking me unless I would agree to write the "guarantee" to give up my belief in Falun Dafa. When I was beaten and shocked with electric batons because I practiced the exercises, the vicious police would drag me to an empty cell first and keep beating and electrically shocking me and would not let any one know. But even after we practitioners were beaten and shocked, we had no place to speak out. If I told the director and division chief, they would say, "You deserve it. Why did you practice the Falun Dafa exercises?" When I told them I would invite a lawyer to sue them of violating the law, they laughed at me, "Who saw you being beaten and electrically shocked? Where is the violation of the law? Power is the law!"

I spent two years in that labor camp. Some vicious policemen wanted to be promoted by persecuting Falun Gong and get an "award." Some wanted to get an increased bonus with the higher "brainwashed rate." The team leaders also intrigued against each other. They applied all kinds of means to force practitioners to write the "three statements" to give up Falun Dafa in order to show their "contribution" in the persecution. They did not casually tell other guards, team leaders or directors and labor camp head what methods they had used to torture practitioners. The higher level officials claimed that secret orders were issued by top government entities to persecute practitioners, which had been forwarded to all the lower level authorities. Whatever contemptible methods the vicious guards used, as long as practitioners gave up their beliefs or wrote the "three statements," the higher authorities would reward the officers for their contribution. Though I did not witness the tragedy of the 18 female practitioners thrown into male criminal cells to be abused at will, I am absolutely certain that some guards at Masanjia were capable of doing it.

In present-day history, Dafa is enduring injustices that never happened before. When kind-hearted people are being persecuted, please keep in mind Teacher's words, "Mankind! Wake up! The vows of gods throughout the ages are being fulfilled. Dafa is evaluating all lives. The path of life is under one's own feet. A person's own single thought will also determine his future. Treasure and cherish it: The Fa and the principles of the universe are right in front of you." (Further Comments on Superstition; 'Essentials for Further Advancement')

Good must be rewarded with good and evil must meet with evil.