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  1. [Shenzhen, Guangdong Province] A Stage Performance that Defames Falun Dafa Is Held at the Great Shenzhen Theatre
  2. [Beijing] A Slanderous Picture Exhibition at the North Jiaotong University Has Been Prevented
  3. [Beijing] Falun Gong Practitioner, Liu Yongwang, Was Illegally Sent to a Forced Labor Camp and Has Been on Hunger Strike for More than 90 Days
  4. [Heilongjiang Province] The Story about an Elderly Female Practitioner Becoming "Rich"
  5. [Mainland China] Clarifying the Truth with a Pure Heart [The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region] Female Guards in Tumuji Forced Labor Camp Torture Practitioners
  6. [Anda City, Heilongjiang Province] Police Kidnap Practitioners
  7. [Bin County, Heilongjiang Province] Officials Unlawfully Extort Money from Dafa Practitioners
  8. [Dalian, Liaoning Province] Persecutions in Dalian Forced Labor Camp
  9. [Bin County, Heilongjiang Province] The Public Security Bureau of Bin County Extorts Money and Personal Properties from Practitioners' Relatives
  10. [Changchun, Jilin Province] Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp Imprisons Practitioners for Indefinite Periods
  11. [Anda City, Heilongjiang Province] Policeman Or Kidnapper?
  12. [Beijing] Partial Documentation of the Crimes Committed by the Fourteenth Section of Beijing Public Security Bureau
  13. [Mainland China] A Dialogue Between a 17 Year Old Girl and a Policeman in a Detention Center
  14. [Chongqing City] The "610" Office Instigates Police to Kidnap Dafa Practitioners
  15. [Changchun City, Jilin Province] Dafa Practitioner Wang Mingli Is Detained Indefinitely
  16. [Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province] A Female Dafa Practitioners' Account of Her Persecution while in Police Custody

1. [Shenzhen, Guangdong Province] A Stage Performance that Defames Falun Dafa Is Held at the Great Shenzhen Theatre

It is reported that the first full-length stage performance in China defaming Falun Dafa, has been held for four days at the Great Shenzhen Theatre. The performance confuses right and wrong, while viciously defacing Dafa. The schedule for the performance includes three shows each day and will be continuously played from December 8th through December 28th. Students are organized to come and watch the disparaging shows.

On Saturday and Sunday, some fellow practitioners witnessed this as they saw students, convened together, preparing to view these performances. The advertising posters are really terrifying as well. It can only be imagined how badly these children are being poisoned. Some practitioners went inside the theatre and sent forth righteous thoughts during the performance. They felt that the field inside was very dirty and the interference was fairly strong. Even adults in this field would have difficulty resisting the poison, let alone children. How many innocent people would be poisoned and destroyed if these performances lasted for twenty days!

According to practitioners who watched the performance, its content was scraped together and the stage effect was ghastly and horrifying. Only 1/3 of the theatre was occupied. Audiences are mostly from city government organizations, enterprises, and schools that were given the assignments. The organizations were forced to buy the group tickets and then slyly instructed their employees, especially those retired old people to go, telling them "to watch some movies." However, upon their arrival, many people realized that it was a defaming performance. They then had to force themselves to go into the theatre but left quietly before the play had ended.

To add to the malevolent atmosphere of the performance, police vans and plain-clothes policemen were seen walking around outside the theatre.


(Area code: 86-755)

Propaganda Department of Shenzhen City, 2101973.

Shenzhen Culture Bureau, 2062594.

The Shenzhen Office Dealing with Problems of Being on Guard and Against XXX. [slanderous phrase omitted]

The Shenzhen Education Bureau, 2251824.

The Shenzhen Communist Youth League Committee, 2095599.

The Shenzhen Union, 3288484.

The Shenzhen Women's Federation, 2243871.

The Shenzhen Performance Company, 5574579.

The Great Shenzhen Theatre, 5596050, 5596045.


The Shenzhen Anhua Industry and Commerce Corporation, 2205208.

Inquiry Phone Number: 5563044, 5562078.

Ticket Reservation Phone Number: 5562662, 2117214

2. [Beijing] A Slanderous Picture Exhibition at the North Jiaotong University Has Been Prevented

The slanderous picture show that defames Dafa at the North Jiaotong University was thoroughly prevented by Falun Gong practitioners on December 12, 2001. Pictures defaming Dafa were cut out and properly disposed of. We hope practitioners from every region will all join together to deter this kind of picture propaganda and further eliminate the evil.

3. [Beijing] Falun Gong Practitioner, Liu Yongwang, was Illegally Sent to a Forced Labor Camp and Has Been on a Hunger Strike for More than 90 Days

Practitioner, Liu Yongwang, male, 29 years old, has been on a hunger strike since police kidnapped him. He determinedly protests the evil with this hunger strike, lasting more than 90 days. He is 1.73m tall, originally weighted 75 to 78 kg, but now has lost weight and weighs less than 50 kg. Under such severe conditions, he was illegally sentenced to forced labor education. On December 13, 2001, the police sent him to Baoding Forced Labor Camp. Now he is at the 1st subunit.

His wife, Qi Shuying, practitioner from Baoding, also 29 years old, is a teacher at the Baoding Normal College. She was illegally sent to a forced labor camp. Before that, she had been on a hunger strike for over 70 days. She is very weak and has been sent to the female subunit of Baoding Labor Camp.

It is our hope that the International Society and International Human Right Organizations will pay attention to these cases.

Phone numbers:

The Balizhuang Labor Camp at Baoding City: 86-312-2191000.

The 1st Subunit: 86-312-2191021, Captain: Li Dayong

The Female Subunit: 86-312-2191039, Captain: Li Xiuqun.

Phone numbers of people who are in charge:

The Police Substation at the North district of Baoding Public Security Department:

Director, Zhao Wencong, 86-312-2023588 (office), 86-13930215888 (cell).

Political Commissar: 86-312-2023799 (office), 86-13703125887 (cell)

Vice Director, Fu Geng, 86-312-2023315, 86-13903120848 (cell)

The Sectary of the Political Division: Ma Bin.

The Office of the Political Section: 86-312-2026669, the section head: Lu Guanjiang.

The Religion's Division of Baoding Public Security: 86-312-2010465, Head of the Division: Tang Yongyi.

The Baoding Detention Center: 86-312-5028774.

The Head of Baoding Detention Center, Zai Yanqing, Office Phone: 86-312-5027134

4. [Heilongjiang Province] The Story About An Elderly Female Practitioner Becoming "Rich"

In April 2001, Heilongjiang TV reported a story of a "reformed" elderly female practitioner in Huanan County becoming rich under the "guidance and care" of the government. In the news, the practitioner, looking bewildered, stood inside a large tent.

In reality, this story was again a fabrication. This practitioner has never renounced Dafa or written any "guarantee statement." She was cooking her meal one day when the mayor of the county, the head of the village and two people from the TV station came to her house. They asked the practitioner to stand under a large tent set up outside the house. When asked why, they said that she would know when she stood there. Not knowing what they were up to, the practitioner followed their instructions, stood inside the tent and was videotaped. It was only after the news report that this practitioner knew she had been used as a tool for propaganda against Dafa.

5. [Mainland China] Clarifying the Truth with a Pure Heart

A female practitioner was distributing truth-clarifying materials on a bus. There were around twenty passengers and each of them got a copy. When the practitioner gave the materials to a family of three, the woman received them with both of her hands (a gesture of respect in China). She said, "Sister, thank you. We also believe that Falun Gong is good. My husband works for the police." A man beside her also used both his hands to receive the materials, saying, "You have to be very careful." Then he pointed to his clothes and continued, "We wear plain-clothes." The practitioner was touched and happy for them when she heard this.

The same practitioner distributes flyers at a Farmer's Market. She does not pay much attention to her own business and therefore loses most of her revenues. She is full of pure thoughts and does what she thinks she should as a practitioner. On an average day, she can distribute approximately 200 flyers. She has no fearful feelings when she does that, firmly believing that she should help save human lives.

She is full of gratitude to Master, who has saved so many lives. She believes that practitioners should not just get without giving. She follows what Master said " Validate the Fa with reason, clarify the truth with wisdom, spread the Fa and offer people salvation with benevolence," and truly feels that sharing the truth with other people is the sacred responsibility of all practitioners.

6. [The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region] Female Guards in Tumuji Forced Labor Camp Torture Practitioners

We were illegally arrested and sent to the Tumuji Forced Labor Camp for appealing to the government on behalf of Falun Gong. The environment here in the labor camp is stifling and we have no freedom at all. We are deprived of our human rights and are watched 24 hours a day. We are denied the use of the washrooms and are not allowed to talk. Those who are courageous enough to speak up or do the exercises are severely punished. They are either humiliated or beaten, sometimes with electric batons. Many practitioners have been injured and have not recovered yet. Some were even disabled.

We call on all kind-hearted people to extend their help to the 40 or more practitioners being detained and tortured in Tumuji Forced Labor Camp.

7. [Anda City, Heilongjiang Province] Police Kidnap Practitioners

Practitioner Cui Jinghong was kidnapped for distributing truth clarifying materials. Liu Yingshan and his colleagues at the 610 Office (A bureau specifically created by the Chinese government to persecute Falun Gong. It has absolute power over each level of administration in the party, as well as over the political and judiciary branches) in Anda City committed serious crimes through their persecution of Cui. They have not repented of their wrongdoings.

8. [Bin County, Heilongjiang Province] Officials Unlawfully Extort Money from Dafa Practitioners

On January 13, 2001, while validating Dafa in Beijing, all four of us were arrested on Tiananmen Square. We were later picked up by the officers from Bin County. Hui, from the county, extorted 200 Yuan (Chinese currency, the monthly salary is about 200 Yuan for an average rural laborer, 500 Yuan for urban worker) from us and illegally detained us for two nights. Yang San from You County, Fan Hongbin from the You Police Station and Li Peishan from the You Squad confiscated the remaining 300 Yuan that we had with us. We were not provided food or drink, yet they charged us 1,000 Yuan from our accounts for bed and board. When they were taking us back from Beijing to Bin County on the train, the three of them spent to their hearts' content and used around 300- 400 Yuan within one and a half days. After we arrived in Bin County, they invited another person to a restaurant before taking us to a detention center. A woman in the restaurant accompanied and entertained them. They were dead drunk after the dinner. At the detention center, an additional 6,000 Yuan was extorted from us.

After we were released, a Squad officer came to our house to demand more money to cover the "costs" of the trip. One of us had to pay 1,500 Yuan and the other was forced to sell a piece of farmland he owned to pay the "costs". My spouse and I did not give these people what they wanted. But we have heard that they are going to sell the four pieces of farmland that we own.

Because of this extortion, practitioners in Bin County are faced with major survival issues. None of us has been able to escape the extortion. Many of us are in serious debt and our livelihoods are in jeopardy. The officials will not stop and the persecution continues. An Deren, the head of the 610 office, is the person who takes the lead in persecuting practitioners and who continues to extort all the money he can from us.

9. [Dalian, Liaoning Province] Persecutions in Dalian Forced Labor Camp

Dalian Forced Labor Camp replaced all the police who previously worked with the Female Group. They organized a new group of police continuing its persecutions of practitioners. Headed by the chief policeman Zhao Huayi, those police intended to force practitioners to rescind their beliefs of Falun Gong by overloading them with physical labor. Practitioners had to work until 11:30 PM everyday. Some practitioners were persecuted to the point of unconsciousness by such highly intensive labors.

10. [Bin County, Heilongjiang Province] The Public Security Bureau of Bin County Extorts Money and Personal Properties from Practitioners' Relatives

I had been a member of the Communist Party. In December 2000, I started my trip to Beijing to validate Falun Dafa. On the day after I left, officers from the township government came to my home demanding 4,000 Yuan as "fines." There was only 3,500 Yuan in my savings account, but they took the entire amount away. The Public Security Bureau of Bin County also extorted 5,000 Yuan from my family members without any receipts.

My family members were told that if we did not 'invite' those officers to dinner, we would be fined much more later on. It is impossible for common people to imagine how expensive such a dinner would be. When three policemen Zhou Shuren, Zhao Yi, and Yin Fengming, all working with the Political Security Section of the Public Security Bureau, came to the restaurant, each used their own cellular phone calling prostitute services. After a while, three prostitutes came there. Using my relative's money, they did whatever they wanted in that restaurant. Eventually my relative paid 1,300 Yuan for this dinner! (For common people, usually 100 Yuan is enough for a whole family to enjoy a good dinner in a restaurant in China.)

Local police forcefully escorted me back from Beijing and sent me to jail in Bin County. During those five months of my staying in prison, I was discharged from the Communist Party. From December 2000 to November 2001, I have been prohibited to work and my working place also has not paid my salary.

11. [Changchun, Jilin Province] Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp Imprisons Practitioners for Indefinite Periods

Practitioner Ma Xiaodong was imprisoned in the Sixth Group of Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp. His duration should have ended in November 24, 2001. Another two practitioners Jin Mingdong and Luo Chenglin of the Second Group should have finished their stay in the labor camp at the end of October 2001. But officers in this labor camp created various excuses to postpone releasing them. Up until December 12, 2001, those practitioners were still locked up there.

Related telephone numbers:

The Administration Section of Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp: 86-431-4835965 ext. 652

The office of Chief Zhao of the administration Section: 86-431-4835965 ext. 651

12. [Anda City, Heilongjiang Province] Police Or Kidnapper?

On September 25, 2001, Li Yongbo, who is working in the Police Station of Laohugang Township of Anda City, came to practitioner Ms. Zhu's home, asking her if she still practiced Falun Gong. In reply, she told the officer that she still practices. The next day, Li Yongbo headed a few people to her home again, asking her, "Would you still like to practice Falun Gong?" She replied, "Yes". Li said to her, "Then you must go with us to the township government office. Officers want to talk with you." Ms. Zhu thought to herself, "I did not do anything wrong. Why not go with them?" Without changing her clothes, she went to township with them. The actual result is, Li Yongbo sent her directly to Anda City Detention Center without following any legal procedures. Only because Ms. Zhu said true words "Yes, I still practice", she was illegally detained for half a month there. Fifteen days later when her family members went to the detention center, intending to bring her back home, both the township government and the police station were still unwilling to release her. Instead of setting her free, they sent her to Anda City Custodial Center. They told her that if she refused to write a guarantee statement of giving up Falun Gong practice, there would be no way to release her. Up to now, she has been detained in this Custodial Center for more than 2 months.

13. [Beijing] Partial Documentation of the Crimes Committed by the Fourteenth Section of Beijing Public Security Bureau

Bai Suqin, female, is an outstanding teacher of the Central Financial and Economic University in Beijing. On a morning in late February 2001, she was forced to leave home and wandered about to avoid being sent to a brainwashing class enforced by her university. Even in such a situation, a few people from her work place, together with the police, were unwilling to let her go free. They searched for her everywhere. In the meantime, almost all of her relatives had suffered harassment from them as well. They were even monitored wherever they went! This was evidenced as, on quite a few occasions, her relatives had been followed while driving their car. Her co-workers spread rumors about her, saying that she refused to teach classes and ran away from home. She was forced to be homeless and could not work even though she loved her job very much. The police of the Fourteenth Section of Beijing Public Security Bureau were directly involved in the persecution.

Practitioner Li Zhanjin (female) from Beijing University has been forced to leave home to avoid arrest since May 2001. The police of the Fourteenth Section intended to find her using various despicable methods. In early November, they caught her and searched her temporary living place. They created a charge of 'illegally gathering and organizing communications' against her.

Two other practitioners of Beijing University, Chen Xulin and Yuan Lin, had also been forced to leave home amidst further persecution. At this time, they have already been wandering about for almost a year.

14. [Mainland China] A Dialogue Between a 17 Year Old Girl and a Policeman in a Detention Center

Policeman: Between Dafa and going to a university, which one do you choose?

Girl: I choose Dafa, Falun Dafa is the Great Law of the cosmos. My head could be cut off, my blood could be shed, but I will never give up Dafa, because Dafa is most precious.

Policeman: Waa! You're really like Sister Jiang (a heroine of the Chinese communist party who was killed in a jail around 1948 by the Chinese National Party for her strong belief in communism)

Note: The girl was already admitted to a university. She was illegally arrested by police for practicing Falun Gong and forced to answer the above question. She was detained for 15 days. With her righteous mind, she triumphed over the policemen's threatening, and has become a university student.

15. [Chongqing City] The "610" Office Instigates Police to Kidnap Dafa Practitioners

Around 9 pm on December 1, 2001, some Dafa practitioners were sharing their experiences at Luoqisi dam. Police from Wangjiangchang Public Security Bureau came and arrested 16 practitioners. The excuse given by the police for the arrest was that the Dafa practitioners practiced and advocated Falun Gong on the dam. Some of the practitioners were detained the same evening, some sent to a "brainwashing class", others' whereabouts are still unknown. The Jiangbei District Public Security Bureau has assigned 28 agents to contact Dafa practitioners. The Bureau disguised these agents as peasants, workers, young men, middle-aged women, and journalists. These agents coordinated with the Wangjiang District Public Security Bureau to persecute Dafa practitioners.

These evil-minded police or officials make use of their administrative power to hurt Dafa practitioners in the following ways: Illegal detention, sending Dafa practitioners to forced labor camps, firing Dafa practitioners from their jobs, withholding the pension of retiree practitioners, phone tapping, constraining practitioner's freedom, etc.

16. [Changchun City, Jilin Province] Dafa Practitioner Wang Mingli Is Detained Indefinitely

Wang Mingli was illegally sentenced to a forced labor camp for one year, for going to Beijing to appeal to the Chinese government to stop it's persecution of Falun Dafa. Wang Mingli has however been detained for over 17 months. The Weizigou Forced Labor Camp in Changchun still refused to release him, and his family members were only allowed to visit him a few times. During his detention, Wang Mingli has been very determined in Dafa and refused to cooperate with the police. He was tortured many times by the police. The police also incited prisoners to attack him.

Since October 2001, his family has not been allowed to visit him. The police ripped apart two pairs of cotton-padded trousers which were sent to him by his family.

17. [Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province] A Female Dafa Practitioners' Account of Her Persecution while in Police Custody

Around 11:30 PM on December 2, 2001, while writing about the truth of Falun Dafa, we three Dafa practitioners were reported to police and taken forcibly to Huayuan Police Station, and were questioned separately. I was questioned by 22 year-old policewoman named Zhang Yuhong. After the inquisition, she asked me to sign and fingerprint, I refused. She said, "If you don't sign, I'll curse your teacher." I said: "Do not do that. Our teacher is the kindest and most merciful person, it's harmful to yourself if you curse him, that's criminal activity." When she asked me to stand up, I refused. She then angrily hit me with a wooden baton. She also slapped my face with a flyswatter, and kicked me. Then she brought me to another room and again asked me to sign. Then they handcuffed us onto steel chairs. During the night one practitioner escaped. After the police woke up, they threatened that we will take full responsibility if higher authorities investigate the escape. To save face, police illegally arrested another Dafa practitioner and handcuffed her to a steel chair (this practitioner is still illegally jailed. The address of Zhangjakou Education Center "Brainwashing Class": Shalingzi (former 5.7 Cadre School)

In the afternoon, the township secretary Tian Yutang (male) and Wang Jiangjun (male) came to the police station, saying that I caused them trouble. They viciously hit my head until I couldn't open my eyes. Around 2:00 pm, about 30 people from the township government and the police station went to my home in a big van and two cars. They searched my home without any warrant, and threatened to disrupt me in every way. Not cooperating with them, I shouted loudly on the street, they dragged me back to the room to stop my shouting. While two people pressed me to the ground, they damaged the doors of my house, broke the wardrobe glass, took away all my Dafa books and materials, looted my two bicycles, a quartz clock, a TV set, 400 Yuan in cash, and 2500 kg (about 5500 pounds) of corn. Since I didn't cooperate with them, they handcuffed me and kicked me while they dragged me across the ground.

On the street, I shouted to bystanders: "dear friends, you've seen that the current government officials treat our citizens in such a way, you all saw it." They dragged me to the car and back to the police station, then asked me to give them 10,000 Yuan otherwise they would confiscate all my family property. On December 5, they sent us to an anti-Falun Gong "brainwashing class" in the Zhangjiakou Education Center. (Among us, four practitioners were tricked into going there by police under the excuse of "talking "). We held a hunger strike for five days, and escaped successfully on December 8, 2001. Ever since that time we wandered about to avoid being illegally arrested again.