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I started practicing Falun Gong in July 1997. I have constantly improved my xinxing (mind-nature) by learning the Fa, and all my illnesses were cured without any medical treatment. Some relatives and friends of mine who had seen the changes in me also came to learn Dafa. As we practitioners were telling people the goodness of Falun Dafa, Jiang Zemin's regime started persecuting Falun Dafa.

Xi'an Police Station in Mudanjiang City illegally detained me for half a month since January 19th, 2000. During my detention, the police viciously beat me a number of times. This prompted me to see the necessity of clarifying the truth. On February 12th, 2000, I met the section head Li Fu of the Political Security Section of Mudanjiang City Police Department. I asked the Department of Civil Affairs to report to higher authorities. I also exposed the fact that they had made use of mentally unhealthy people who committed crimes and were under detention to slander Falun Gong. After that, I had been illegally detained for four months, and was then sent to Mudanjiang Forced Labor Camp on July 1st, 2000. On July 2nd, the head of the labor camp, Zhao Guanying, viciously tortured my whole body with an electric baton. If other Dafa practitioners had not protested, I would have been beaten to death. On another occasion, I was practicing Falun Gong exercises while sitting on my bed, the labor camp chief Zhao Guanying, and a section head Ma, dragged me to a classroom and tied me onto a chair for 6 to 7 hours. Four other Falun Dafa practitioners went through the same torture with me as well. Since I had refused to give in, Zhao Guanying beat me with a leather purse and blood filled my mouth. Then they sealed my mouth with layers of tape to stop us from talking. We remained tied to the chair until the next morning. Before the Mudanjiang Golden Autumn Festival, over twenty Dafa practitioners had received more brutal tortures for practicing exercises. Director Ma Li and two labor camp guards, Liu Xiufen and Zhang Xiaoguang, handcuffed six among them onto the heating pipes. They had to stand on their toes for several hours. Their pants were stripped off to further insult them. One practitioner was on the verge of mental breakdown due to the lengthy torture during the custody. The other practitioners requested that the guards stop isolating her. The leader of the guards, Zhang Xuefeng, rejected the request with the claim that it would not amount to anything, even if a few practitioners died in custody.

In February 2001, prison guards handcuffed four of us to the door since we had practiced Falun Gong exercises. At night, we were handcuffed to the rails next to the bed. For each meal, we were given only a tiny half of a bun plus a couple of preserved vegetable leaves. It is rather chilly in February in Northeast China. Prison guards did not allow us to stay in the heated rooms. Since I was so cold and hungry, I sat close to another practitioner which resulted in further beating and scolding from team leader Zhang Xuefeng. I have often passed out as a result of constant inhumane torture. I had difficulty passing bowel movements, each time it took over an hour when I went in about 7 or 8 days. Guard Lin Honghua often scolded and cursed me. Once I was not allowed to urinate with handcuffs on, I lost control and urinated inside my pants and wet the quilt after trying to withhold it for an extended period of time. My internal organs hurt as if they split apart. Team leader Zhang Xuefeng said I intentionally wet the quilt and used this as an excuse to torture me for a month and I ended up losing so much weight and was extremely weak.

Kindhearted people with justice in mind, please help and support Dafa practitioners who are taking on so much hardship. Anyone with a little conscience remaining please take a look at my personal experience in this brief account.

Telephone number of villain section head Ma: 86-453-6435198