(Clearwisdom.net) Russian Dafa practitioners as one congratulate the opening of the First Ukraine Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference! Under difficult conditions, Ukraine practitioners have been holding firm to their belief in Dafa, promoting Dafa vigorously, clarifying the truth and offering people the opportunity to be saved, actively participating in Fa-Rectification and eliminating the evil with righteous thoughts. We Russian practitioners hereby express our respect to your righteous acts, righteous enlightenment and righteous belief in Dafa and Teacher.

While the evil forces continue to apply pressure and oppose Dafa, all of us are facing interference and tests of our firm belief in Dafa and Teacher. We believe you will be able to overcome the obstacles during the course of cultivation, and to step out of humanness from the tests. Let us "encourage each other, and progress together with diligence" (From Teacher to the Second Dafa Conference in Russia) and complete the vows we made to Teacher.

We wish great success for the experience sharing conference, and that the conference will help practitioners make further improvements and better expedite the work of validating Dafa in Ukraine.


Russian Dafa Practitioners