(Clearwisdom.net) Clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa to Chinese people is the most important task. In our residential area, there are many Chinese who came from China to study or work. We often hand out leaflets outside their living quarters. What follows are some of our thoughts and experiences.

One evening, two practitioners went to hand out truth-clarifying materials at a residential area where the Chinese workers live. A practitioner was handing out flyers on the street corner while another practitioner stood at a distance sending forth righteous thoughts. The practitioner who was sending forth righteous thoughts was in a very pure and righteous mind and was very concentrated. Soon dozens of materials were handed out and some people even returned to ask for more.

After about 40 minutes, the practitioner who was handing out the material became so busy that the practitioner who had been sending forth righteous thoughts went over to help. However, soon there were very few passers-by asking for materials. They suddenly realized that sending forth righteous thoughts to eradicate the evil was very important. The practitioner again sent forth righteous thoughts with a very firm mind. Meanwhile, the other practitioner once again successfully handed out the precious leaflets to the passers-by.

On one weekend, three practitioners went to an apartment building where many Chinese people live. Dividing the work, they handed out all the materials in 30 minutes. While sending forth righteous thoughts, a practitioner saw in another dimension that there were clouds of black substances attacking us when we were sending forth righteous thoughts. However, white beams from our righteous minds dispersed and eliminated the black substances.

Remembering that when we first handed out leaflets at this location, some passers-by were so afraid that they kept a distance from us. Some people even threw the Dafa materials into the garbage bin. A practitioner saw that in another dimension this place was submerged in a grayish black color. In order to let truth-clarification go smoothly, there were practitioners dedicated to sending forth strong righteous thoughts continuously from the beginning to the end. After a while, things changed greatly. People voluntarily asked for Dafa CDs and leaflets. Some asked us what Falun Dafa was, and some asked for books. Some said that they would like to bring the CDs back to China. At that time, a practitioner could see this place turning from grayish black to white and that there were even bright spots appearing.

We enlightened to the fact that eradicating evil with righteous thoughts plays an important role in clarifying the truth to people. By first eradicating all the evil that is preventing people from obtaining the Fa, we can smoothly clarify the truth to the people. Then, they can have some hope of being saved.