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(3) Chinese Consulate officials learn the truth

Since a lady received retribution for damaging Dafa, the people in the Chinese Consulate who used to monitor me, do not dare to look at me. I realized this was an opportunity to let more people know the truth about Dafa, so I used every opportunity to let them see my peace of mind. I smiled and greeted everyone, and in this way, their manner changed from hostility, to puzzlement, and gradually they became willing to talk to me.

Although we talked for a while, they still refused to accept the truth clarifying materials when I offered them. Once I said to a person: "Are you really so fragile as to dare not to read this paper? As a Chinese person, this event has taken place in China, and has shocked the entire world. Do you really believe this does not have any relation to you, or are you only willing to listen to the voice of one side? I think you are not being responsible to yourself. Our meeting today is already a kind of predestined relationship. You should cherish it. We do not expect you to read this material for our sake. You can have a look at these materials and judge for yourself." He stared at me for a while and then accepted the material: "Ok, let me have a look." Since then, he has read all the material and his attitude has changed. When we set up a TV set in the street, he became nervous again. He brought his colleagues over to watch, then left with discontent. I still continued to give him the "real story" materials and neither of us mentioned a single word about the TV. Soon, the time he spent in front of the TV became longer and longer. Once he spent over three hours there, and watched from the beginning to the end. A few days later, he came and watched TV for a while, then whispered in my ear: "You are wonderful!" His voice was quite low, but strong. Then he smiled at me and left.

(4) A student abroad said: "I will tell the truth for you."

Two months ago, four or five students from Mainland China (who are the children of the cadres in China who come to study overseas at their own expense) had just arrived from China. Usually I clarify the truth using two-sided posters that are put up on both sides of a cassette player, while a TV set plays Falun Gong videos, and I hand out materials to pedestrians. Upon seeing this scene, they initially showed full resistance on their faces, but when they withdrew their money from the nearby cash machine, their eyes and ears couldn't resist the contents on the TV. One of the students wanted to watch the TV, but he was dragged away by the rest of the group. When they came again to withdraw money on other days, the student tried to watch the TV, but each time he was drawn away again. One day he decided to stay and watch the TV. He said to them: "You can go shopping. I will stay here and wait for you."

He indeed stayed to watch the TV, while the others did other things. Although he was the only one who stayed to watch the TV, the others also changed their attitudes for the better. He said to me one day: "If I told the truth for you, more people would believe me, because I am not a Falun Gong practitioner." I asked him: "Are you willing to do so?" He answered, "I will do it."

(5) Missionaries have a change of heart

One Sunday I met a group of missionaries. First I gave them the Falun Gong materials, but after a few minutes, they suddenly surrounded me, and began to ask many questions: "Are you a religion? China says you are an XX (slanderous words omitted). Why don't you believe in Christianity rather than Falun Gong? How do you view Jesus? ..."

I watched them calmly and waited until they finished talking and answered: "Falun Gong is not a religion, it is the Buddha Law. What China says to slander Falun Gong is not at all the truth. If 'Truth-Compassion-Forbearance' is considered to be evil, then what would be righteous? My teacher says Jesus is a great god, so we all respect him very much. People are free to believe in their own things. We don't force anyone to practice Falun Gong, instead, we just let people know the truth. Jiang Zemin and his gang in China are persecuting those who cultivate Buddha Law, and they are committing great sins against humanity. The majority of people who are deceived by Jiang Zemin are innocent. When Falun Gong's reputation is fully restored, those who persecute Falun Gong, and those who have bad thoughts against Falun Gong will be eliminated. The more people that learn the truth, the more people who will be saved. This is all we want and ask for."

Someone urged one of the others to ask me: "Then what can we do for you?" I told them: "Let all of your friends and relatives know that Falun Dafa is good, 'Truth-Compassion-Forbearance' is good, and that it is sinful and evil to persecute Falun Gong. Tell them, don't be deceived, don't follow the Chinese government. That's enough." That person felt surprised and asked me: "That's all?" I said yes. While they were all there, an overseas Chinese elderly man expressed his misunderstanding about Falun Gong. Right away, those missionaries all said to him how good Falun Gong is. They told him how wrong the Chinese government is. How they are acting as the "bad scoundrels" in persecuting Falun Gong, etc.

A few months ago, a group of ten missionaries came near to where I was. They stood across the street for a little while, and then set up right beside me. They posted two displays next to mine. A pedestrian said to me: "You should drive them away." I replied: "We cultivate the righteous way. We do not fight or make trouble with others."

When I had a chance, I passed them some truth materials and asked for their signatures. Some of them accepted the materials, some refused, but none of them signed the petition. They said: "We have our own religion and can't sign for you." I said: "We are not a religion, but the Buddha Law cultivation practice. We welcome more people to cultivate Falun Gong but don't force anyone. The reason we are here is to let people know the truth about how the Chinese government persecutes Falun Gong, to awaken people's kind hearts, and to stop the evil persecution."

Someone asked me: "May I read your books?" Then this person asked me again after I said yes: "Somebody told me before that we can't do our own things and have our belief any more after reading your books." I replied: "Maybe he didn't make it clear. Reading books and cultivation practice are different things. To read the books and understand them is something that anyone can do. With cultivation practice, there should be no second way. Isn't it right to focus on only one thing at a time? Even if you practice Falun Gong, you can still treat your work as a job. We learn that everyone should have their own designated jobs in society." The person who was apparently in charge of the group of missionaries, and who was the most resistant said to me: "You don't think there is anything else that is worthy to be learned except Falun Gong, do you?" I answered: "When we don't talk about cultivation practice, everything has both positive and negative nature, except things like killing and harming others. Everyone has his good side and is worthy of my attention and to learn from." They showed their respect, looked at the display boards, accepted our materials, and signed the petition as well.