November 22, 2001

( Due to my trip to Beijing to validate Dafa, I was sentenced to one year of labor education at Wanzhuang Forced Labor Camp in Langfang City, Hebei Province. Nearly a hundred practitioners had been detained there illegally.

Extreme Intensity Forced Labour

For profit, the labour camp forces detainees to work long hours, mainly sewing footballs and picking red beans for export. Each person has a daily quota of work, and is severely beaten with a stick if the allocated work is not finished on time. He/she would not be allowed to go to sleep until the job was done; therefore many often had to work over 20 hours a day. Sometimes before a day's work is done, the next day's work would already be allocated, leaving no time to sleep at all. Many hands have been deformed from sewing footballs. In order to force practitioners to give up cultivation, the evil tried all different means, such as not allowing any sleep, forcing practitioners to write a "guarantee [promising to give up the practice of Falun Gong]," etc. One practitioner refused to write a "guarantee," so he was shocked with an electric baton for two nights with his hands and feet tied up.

Overly Crowded Cells

When the labour camp was holding more people, there were around 40-50 people staying in a cell of less than 30 square meters. Three people had to share a bed one meter (~3 feet) wide. Sometimes people had to take turns sleeping, or sleep on the floor.


The heads of the guards of the labour camp were involved in extorting money and property from Dafa practitioners as well as other inmates by various means. They encouraged shift leaders to bully the inmates, so that the inmates' families would bribe them in order to reduce the suffering of their loved ones. One inmate's family has already spent over 10,000 Yuan on "gifts" in less than a year, and another family was said to have spent over 50,000 already. They also try to restrict the food supply to make people starve, so that they have to purchase extra food from the centre that is marked up in price.

From May of this year, the evil force has intensified the persecution against Dafa practitioners. As long as one refused to write a "guarantee" letter, one would be viciously beaten by a guard daily, and be deprived of sleep.

According to sources, the head of the labour camp has been sacked due to a financial problem, which was a retribution for evil deeds. We'd like to tell all those who are still involved in persecuting Dafa practitioners to stop committing wrong doings, or face the punishment by law, as well as by heaven!