"Indestructible as One, moving upwards as a whole." On November 23, Mainland Dafa practitioners wrote a letter regarding the 36 western practitioners who went to Tiananmen Square to validate Dafa. It contained the following: "Indestructible as One, moving upwards as a whole."

Dafa Practitioners from Liaoning Province salute the 36 overseas fellow practitioners Coming from thousands of miles away to assist Teacher's Fa-rectification at Tiananmen Square, you have strongly suffocated the evil! Your selfless act is an encouragement to us from deep down in our hearts.

We will strive to do even better, in order to deserve the great benevolence and salvation from our greatly respected Teacher.

Heshi with both hands, Dafa Practitioners from Liaoning Province November 23, 2001

We Congratulate Western Practitioners' Successful Fa-Rectification On Tiananmen, and Their Safe Return It is hard to express my joy when seeing the pictures and reading the stories of the unprecedented act by the 36 overseas western Dafa disciples of majestically rectifying the Fa at Tiananmen Square. As a representative of Dafa practitioners from Beijing, I would like to send out highest regards to our respected Teacher, to overseas fellow practitioners, and to the western practitioners who rectified the Fa at Tiananmen Square. We will do better in fulfilling our Fa-rectification duties in Beijing, and we will let more mainland people, as well as practitioners, know about the majestic deed of these western Dafa practitioners.

Practitioner in Beijing Evening, November 22, 2001

Spring Thunder - Encouraging to the Heart The grand Fa-rectification by 36 western Falun Dafa practitioners at Tiananmen Square was not only a heavy blow to the evil force, but also an extremely big encouragement to the mainland Dafa practitioners. It awakened people to their consciences and their senses from their deep sleep, to allow them a chance to become re-acquainted with Dafa, and choose for themselves a bright future. Please accept a salute from our hearts!

Practitioners from Shenyang City, Liaoning Province November 22, 2001

Congratulations from Dafa Practitioners in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province

Upon hearing the news on the 20th, we were deeply moved by the grand acts of the 36 western Dafa Disciples at Tiananmen. Thank you for supporting the mainland practitioners! Congratulations to you! Kind regards to you! Chengdu Practitioners November 23, 2001