(Clearwisdom.net) Master said, " Indestructible righteous thoughts toward the cosmos' Truth form benevolent Dafa disciples' rock-solid, Vajra-bodies; they frighten all evil, and the light of Truth they emanate makes the unrighteous elements in all beings' thoughts disintegrate." [Master's comments "Also in a Few Words"]

What Master said reminded me of my experience in November 1999. I was escorted back and detained at my work unit after I went to Beijing to appeal. One day my supervisor asked me to go upstairs because an official from the Security Bureau had come to talk with me. I was very glad and ran upstairs, thinking that I did not get a chance to talk with some officials in Beijing, even though I went there a thousand miles away; now I would finally get the chance to clarify the truth of Dafa. I entered the office quickly. I saw two of my work unit managers and a man sitting there, smoking. He squinted at me and then turned his body to the window. I said "Hi!" to him and sat down. I asked him, "Are you from the Security Bureau? What do you want to talk over with me?"

The man kept his back to me and said in a sinister voice, "I want to ask you some questions. Can you promise that what you say is true?" I nodded firmly at once, " Of course! A cultivator believes in 'Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance.' I would have gone home already if I had lied. Why else am I still here?" One of the managers got angry, "Are you saying that we detain you just because you tell the truth?" I replied, "Isn't that so? If I lied and wrote a 'statement' and said I would not practice publicly, and then went home to practice secretly you would free me, wouldn't you? Is that 'truthfulness'?" The man from the Security Bureau said, "We have arrested so-and-so and beaten him up for an entire night. He has told us everything. Now you tell us everything." I smiled, "You beat him for the entire night? How can you beat people at will? In addition, is it necessary? Ask me if you want to know something, I will guarantee that I will tell you the truth. Just ask me."

The two managers sat upright, wanting to learn how this man from the Security Bureau would "interrogate" me. But that man kept silent.

I said to him instead, "Please turn around and face me. I greeted you when I first came in. Until now you haven't even turned your face toward me. Shouldn't you be a little more polite? What kind of attitude do you have?" That person still did not turn his face. After a long while, he said, "I guess that your work unit treated you too well. They should find people to beat you badly." I smiled, "They dare not. They are neither policemen nor mobsters. How can they beat people casually? Isn't that right, managers?" The managers turned their faces away angrily.

The strange man said again, "People like you should be sentenced to a labor camp for three years. You can go back and wait for the summons after a few days." He had exhausted his tricks! I stood up, smiled at him, and said, "OK, I will wait!."

After a few days I was freed. Up to now I have neither been beaten, nor sent to a labor camp.

From the beginning to the end, that person dared not look at me straight in my eyes and neither did he dare turn his body to face me. Two years later, when I read Master's above-mentioned article, I finally understood: the vicious ones dare not look at me because they fear my righteous heart and the light of Truth. They also fear leaving evidence that might later be used against them, because they know what they are doing is bad. As long as I keep a firm and righteous mind, the evil will not succeed. It will die by itself!

Once I wrote large Dafa truth characters on a wall, and the vicious ones caught me in the light of their flashlights. At that time I only had one thought: Even if I am arrested, I will finish writing. Though my thought was not very pure and righteous, to some extent I admitted the existence of viciousness. They did not discover what I was doing. I appreciated Master's protection. I also know that it was the bright light of Truth in my heart that dispelled the viciousness. The lights of Truth are just some shining spots on my body, sometimes bright and sometimes dim. So I hope I can always keep that bright and pure light of Truth that will dispel all filth and ignorance, wipe out all the viciousness and meanness. Let my mind become firmer and firmer. May the light of Truth be stronger and stronger, until I assimilate into "the illumination of the Fa," and come to the lofty level of "The Buddha light illuminates everywhere; propriety and justice rectify and harmonize everything." [Master's poem in Hongyin, "In Harmony With the Fa"]

Above is my personal enlightenment, please correct me if anything is not proper.