(Clearwisdom.net) In February 2001, Zhou Kaidong, who was then the head of police, was rewarded in the People's Great Hall for his efforts in torturing Falun Gong practitioners. In March, the "experience sharing" material on torturing Falun Gong practitioners, edited by Zhou, was internally circulated within the judiciary system.

However, evil will be repaid with evil. Not long after Zhou Kaidong gained temporary popularity for torturing Falun Gong practitioners, his crimes were discovered and exposed. In May, Zhou Kaidong was arrested on charges of corruption and accepting a bribe of more than 20 million Yuan. Recently there was news of Zhou Kaidong's sudden death in Beijing.

There are two stories being circulated about his death. In one version, he is said to have committed suicide. In the other version, he was murdered.

After his arrest, Zhou Kaidong still thought he was safe. He once said that, "I have contributed to critical issues concerning the the Party's life or death." He expected that a "higher level leader would protect him." In fact, the director and deputy director of the Public Security Bureau, as well as the director of the Judiciary Department are all in trouble because of their corruption. The deputy secretary of the Political and Judiciary Committee, Zhang Xuming, who once accepted a large bribe from Zhou, is also in trouble and has been punished already. Therefore, according to this story, Zhou felt hopeless and committed suicide.

The other story discounts suicide as the cause of death, since, under the monitoring of prisoners in the modern system, committing suicide is almost impossible. Zhou's case involves more than 100 people. Besides the major leaders of the Public Security Bureau and the Judiciary Department, there may be even higher-ranking officials involved. And, this case may even directly involve Luo Gan, who is Jiang Zemin's accomplice. If this were the case, would they allow Zhou to live in this world? Because of this, many people suspect Zhou Kaidong was murdered.

A person who commits too much wrongdoing will be punished by heaven. This is a heavenly principle. The evil persons who no longer serve any use are receiving their evil payback. Can it be long before those evil people who are still committing wrongdoings are also punished?