Yu Shuhua is a Falun Dafa practitioner who firmly believes in Falun Dafa. She went to the Appeals Office in Beijing a few times after July 20th, 1999 and was illegally detained each time. She was strapped to a "Bed for Dying People" (this is an instrument of torture where one is placed on a bed and one's hands and feet are bound, thus not allowing movement, and requiring assistance for one's bowel and bladder functions) for three days and three nights. She had gone on hunger strikes many times, sometimes for more than 9 days. Yu Shuhua was illegally detained when she went to the Police Department in Hongmei Town during December 1999 to ask about another practitioners' situation, and then was sent to a labor camp in Changchun city. In the labor camp, she firmly resisted the evils, exposed the evils' slanders in public, endured all kinds of tortures such as shocks from electric batons etc., kept practicing consistently and told everybody the truth about the persecution of Falun Dafa. Her actions made some of the practitioners who had enlightened along an evil path come back again to the process of Fa-Rectification. Seeing that their fraud was exposed, the evil policemen in the labor camp were afraid of keeping Yu Shuhua around, so they sent her along with three other practitioners back to the local detention center before their labor time was up. However, the local detention center refused to accept them. The Police Department of Meihekou city has illegally detained them at the Tiebei Detention Center for over a year now and still refuses to release them.

Guo Jinlan, a Dafa practitioner who stopped by in Beijing during a visit to her relatives at the end of 1999, was watching the flag-raising ceremony in Tiananmen Square when police arrested her. She was sent to the local dentition center and illegally sent to a labor camp. She did not co-operate with the evils in the labor camp and was sent back along with Yu Shuhua and has now been detained in Tiebei Detention Center (Prison) in Meihekou city for over a year. She was not released because she refused to write the "repentance letter".

At the end of March 2000, Dafa practitioners Liu Yong'an, Li Quanwen and Gai Yongguang were arrested because they refused to sign on the so-called "Million Signature" Drive [A movement initiated by the government to force or deceive common people to sign their names to be used against Falun Gong.] Before this incident, the three of them had been unlawfully detained many times because they had appealed for Falun Gong and reported the truth based on their basic rights as citizens. It's hard to describe in a few words all the tortures they endured at the Police Department in Hongmei Town and Tiebei Detention Center. The three of them were illegally sent to the labor camp in Tonghua in April 2000 and have not returned since then. Nobody even knows if they are still alive.

In August 2001, a practitioner named Yan Lijie was arrested and taken from her home by a policeman, and was then sent to the Tiebei Detention Center (Prison) without being able to see her family. She was sent to a labor camp in Changchun for a year and half on September 27th, 2001.

Guo Haipo, a 30-year-old practitioner and a former fireman in Hongmei Town in Meihekou City as well as a XX Party member, was dismissed from the Party and forced to leave his job due to his continual practice of Falun Dafa after July 20th, 1999. All measures, including brainwashing classes (set up by the mining committee and the subdivision police department), detention, denial of basic human rights, frequent arrests and multiple detentions could not change his firm determination to cultivate Falun Dafa. He was arrested together with Mr. Pu, who worked for the township hospital when he was taking care of his fellow practitioner's home. He was illegally sent to Tonghua Labor Camp for a year-and-half of labor on October 10, 2001.

In April 2001, Wang Mingjuan and Wang Xiujuan, practitioners from Jilin Province, went to Beijing to appeal again for justice for Falun Dafa. Wang Mingjuan was in a labor camp for a year due to her appealing and was then illegally held another year because she refused to write three "guarantee letters." She was released due to her severe health status in March 2001. Wang Xiujuan was also illegally detained and arrested many times. At the end of 1999, afraid of her appeal and without any lawful procedures, the evil policeman arrested her, sent her to Tiebei Prison where she was detained illegally for a month, plus an extended term. There were about 40 practitioners who spent the New Year's Day of 2000 in the prison. On September 27, 2001, Wang Mingjuan was again illegally sent to the Changchun Labor Camp. Her health was quite bad due to the poor treatment.

During the two "National Conferences" [People's Congress Conference and Political Consultation Conference] in February 2000, the government of Hongmei Township plotted together with the local police department. They illegally detained 39 practitioners (those they considered to be most important) for a month within their control areas in the conference room in the township government office building. They deceived the practitioners into thinking that there was a meeting to be held in that building. There was limited space in the conference room. The practitioners were detained inside the room with the door locked. There were two policemen who kept them up during the daytime, and the administrative personnel in the township government plus a member of the committee took turns watching them at night. The movements of the practitioners were restricted and they were only permitted to go to the bathroom a maximum of twice per day (at set times). Their families were not allowed to see them nor send them goods. The practitioners did not have any time to prepare, because some of them were taken directly from their workplaces while some of them were taken from their homes during the night. The practitioners had to lie on the cold tiles at night. It was hard to fall asleep due to the freezing wind from the cracks in the window and door.

Some practitioners made reasonable requests to the policemen, who answered, "You don't have any human rights!" This lasted for a month. In the end, everybody was forced to pay 3,000 Yuan, which would be held as a pledge fee (Translator's note: the average ordinary urban worker's monthly salary is 500 Yuan), and they were told that the money would be confiscated if anybody returned to appeal.

The telephone of the Police Department of Meihekou City, Jilin Province:

The cellular number of Qi Zuofang, the head of the Political Security Section who is taking charge of Falun Gong: 01186-13904452432