November 23, 2001


On June 18, 2001, Wanjia Forced Labor Camp in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province had an "Extend or Reduce Sentence" assembly for all the illegally detained Falun Gong practitioners. Over 40 vicious policemen and policewomen with electric batons grabbed the practitioners by the shoulders (some of them were handcuffed) and entered the assembly. Over 100 police scattered throughout the assembly. Terror shadowed over the entire assembly hall.

The heads of the labor camp, Shi Baiying and Lu Zhenshan, slandered Buddha and the Fa. They also screamed: "If you don't want to convert [referring to give up the practice of Falun Gong], you still need to convert; we will convert you by force." Seven female practitioners stood up to validate the Fa, "Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa! You don't deserve to call our Master's name!" Righteous voices rose one after another. Vicious police officers furiously ran towards the Falun Dafa practitioners. They beat them, kicked them and shocked them with electric batons. The slender and tiny practitioner Gao Shuyan was struck to the ground by the police and continuously beaten and kicked. The prison doctor even forcibly gave her an injection of an unknown substance. A guard held down Falun Dafa practitioner Zuo Xiuyun from Jiamusi City on the floor and kicked her chest continuously. She almost passed out! Then two policemen dragged her to the hallway on her back and dumped her on the floor.

54-year-old Xu Lihua (Shuangcheng City Falun Dafa practitioner) was dragged down the stairs from the second floor with her head facing down. They took her to a deserted place and continued the beating. Xu's face was black and blue and blood came out of her mouth.

Falun Dafa practitioner Zhao Yayun (from Lequn Villege, Shuangcheng City, 54-years-old) and five others were pulled to the back of the hallway. One policeman screamed at them, "Who dares to say Falun Dafa is good!" Zhao Yayun justly said, "Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa!" The policeman raised his electric baton and stabbed randomly at her head, face and chest. Falun Dafa practitioner Wang Fang was handcuffed. Falun Dafa practitioner Chen Yali was injured by the electric baton.

Sixteen practitioners had their sentences illegally extended. After the assembly, the vicious people locked the eight practitioners from the third group with those 16 practitioners in "small cells" where practitioners were subjected to solitary confinement and not allowed out.

In the afternoon of June 19, policeman Quan Minghao said that the officials from the camp wanted to inspect the "small cells." He told all the practitioners in the "small cells" to stand up. Falun Dafa practitioner Yang Xiuli delayed a bit because she was injured. However, when she explained it to Quan Minghao, he would not listen. He opened the door and pulled Yang out and tied her with her back against the door. She did not have shoes on. Practitioner Fangfang from the opposite cell threw her a plastic bag for her to stand on. Quan Minghao kicked away the bag and pulled Fangfang out and tied her on the cell door as well.

At dinner time, all of us (Falun Dafa practitioners) asked the vicious police to release the two practitioners and let them eat. They refused. We all refused to eat. The sadistic police asked us one by one, "Are you going to eat? If not, you will be tied up as well! Come out and keep them company!" He then called over 5 to 6 policemen and tied up thirteen practitioners. No talking and no shoes were allowed. Whoever made a sound would be beaten up.

At a little past 9 in the evening, practitioner Yang Xiuli requested to go to the bathroom to urinate. The cruel policeman refused. He even humiliated and threatened her. Later on Yang Xiuli asked a disciplinary guard to let her down. The vicious police did not listen and even tied her legs with ropes and sealed her mouth with tape. Yang could not hold it any longer and urinated right there. Vicious police pressed her on the floor and wiped up the urine with her body as they cursed her. They also wiped her face with a mop. A policeman named Li Min held Yang's body with his legs and slammed her head against the radiator. He said, "I'll help you die!" He tied her up and suspended her in the air. He then hit her constantly with an electric baton. He pulled her hair and screamed, "Look at me! I am specialized in handling you practitioners!" Then he pushed the smelly tape into her mouth and then used more tape to seal her mouth by making a few turns around her mouth. At 10 o'clock in the evening, the evil head of the camp Shi Baiying came to the "small cells" for an inspection. Afterwards he said to the vicious police in the disciplinary room, "You need to discipline them tightly!" Liu Lun from the disciplinary division screamed at the practitioners in the small cells, "Whoever doesn't behave well will be handled by the male prisoners!" Vicious policewoman Wu Baoyun said, "You are defined as XX, behave yourselves!" Dafa practitioner Zhu Chunrong kindly said, "Defining Falun Gong as XX was Jiang Zemin's irresponsible nonsense he uttered to foreign countries." Wu furiously found a slipper and pointed at Zhu Chuanrong and screamed, "Shut your mouth!" Zhu Chuanrong said, "I am telling you the truth!" The vicious policewoman did not listen and slapped Zhu Chuanrong's face a few dozen times! Blood came out of Zhu Chuanrong's nose and mouth and her face was distorted. This policewoman was tired and she used tape to wrap a few turns around Zhu Chuanrong's mouth.

After midnight, persecution went up a notch. Originally the vicious police said if the practitioners eat then they can be untied and let down. Now, the police changed their mind and said the practitioners would need to follow the rules in order to be untied (including not practicing Falun Dafa exercises and not reciting Master Li's writings).

54-year-old practitioner Pan Xuanhua from Harbin City was sentenced to one year. The camp guards forced her to participate in hard labor. Pan said, "I've committed no crime! Sentencing me to hard labor is wrong!" Over the past year, most of the time Pan was locked in a "small cell" and subjected to various tortures, such as being handcuffed, forced to sit on an iron chair (a torture in which one is forced to sit in an iron chair motionlessly for a long period of time) and sleep on the bare floor. This time when she was in the "small cell," the policeman Li Min choked her neck many times. He pressed down really hard. Pan Xuanhua made stifled screams and sweated a great deal. The floor was wet from her sweat. The vicious policeman Quan Minghao said, "If you promise not to practice Dafa exercises in the camp, I will let you come down!" Pan Xuanhua did not promise. Li Min then slapped her face. When blood came out, he wiped it away with paper and pushed the paper into Pan Xuanhua's mouth and disallowed her to spit it out. Pan Xuanhua said, "I will not say something against my will even if I were to die." Vicious policewoman Wu Baoyun said to Quan Minghao, "Let Wang Enguang handle the next shift. He can do it. If we give this to someone else she will have a chance to rest! (Note: Vicious policeman Wang Enguang treats practitioners extremely maliciously)."