Breaking Through The Information Blockade To Clarify The Truth,

Winning Worldwide Support for Fa-Rectification


Hong Kong Human Rights Observer issued a statement on November 16, 2001, during "International Tolerance Day," pointing out that preventing Falun Gong practitioners from appealing was a violation of the Basic Law and basic human rights. In it's appeal to the government, the Human Rights Observer stated that the politically intolerant attitude should be substituted with practicing and promoting tolerance, and encouraging respect for human rights and basic freedom.


My experience while learning to use a computer: A Hong Kong practitioner in his fifties knew nothing about computers. He obtained the Fa from the Dafa website and gradually learned how to download, save, edit files and prepare all kinds of truth-clarifying materials. The computer is not only convenient for promoting the Fa and clarifying the truth, it also plays the role of encouraging us in our cultivation.


The experience of News Jersey State Falun Dafa practitioners in clarifying the truth to government officials of different levels and to the public (Part Three): While thinking from the perspective of the Fa, we can guide ordinary people to oppose the evil persecution. Every resolution that has been passed to condemn the persecution is a heavy and fatal blow to the evil and also a forceful support to the fellow practitioners in Mainland China. It also lays a solid foundation for the kind-hearted public to obtain the Fa in the future.

The novel Yellow Peril published ten years ago has become an officially banned book in Mainland China since it describes in detail an event strikingly similar to the "Tiananmen Self-Immolation Incident". Recently, when CCTV re-broadcast the self-immolation videotape, the dubious points that were analyzed in the deconstruction by overseas experts were cut out. An insider revealed that it was well known by higher officials in the Public Security Bureau that those who were burned were hired by being offered thirty thousand yuan [about five year's salary for an average urban worker] for the deed.

A grey haired mother appealed to rescue her son: Falun Dafa practitioner Yang Xuegui from Lanzhou was abducted in September. The evil policemen used all kinds of inhuman means to torture him. They handcuffed both of his hands behind his back, folding his calves under his thighs. His ankles were handcuffed to the back of the chair. He was left in this position for several days. He had cuts and bruises all over his body.



Latest News From China -- 11/19/2001

Nanmusi Female Labor Camp in Zizhong City, Sichuan Province has been illegally detaining around 1,000 practitioners for a long period of time. Among them, four were tortured to death and an eight-month old baby and a ten-month old baby were illegally detained with their mothers for half a year.

Today, eighty people have published solemn announcements, claiming that all they have wrote, said and done after being deprived of freedom, brutally tortured and forcibly brainwashed by the evil, which were against their own consciousness, are all completely void! From now on, they will double their efforts in making up for the loss they caused to Dafa, completely expose the evil, clarify the truth to people and determinedly cultivate Dafa until the end!



Cultivation Story

Before the 1997 Chinese New Year, whenever the fact that my mother was practicing Falun Gong was mentioned, I felt very unhappy. On the fourth day of the Chinese New Year, when I was resting with my eyes closed, I saw a swastika spinning near my mother. I took up Zhuan Falun and read it from then on. I was so delighted with the book that I could hardly put it down, and began my firm cultivation.

Experience of an Australian practitioner: Dafa practitioners face trials of righteous belief in Dafa all the time. We also understand the principles of Dafa. Break through the old notions in the process of spreading the Fa and truth clarification, eliminate the attachment to doing things with intention, and face the evil with righteous thoughts. Study the Fa more, and be clear about what we are doing, and use different methods to deal with different human's notions.

The Experience of A Third-Year Australian College Student: Make our own contribution during the Fa rectification, proactively clarify the truth to people and become a genuine Dafa particle.

A female practitioner from Sichuan Province detained at the Nanmusi Labor Camp in Zizhong has been subjected to severe beating, cursing and other physical torture. Together with other practitioners, they were once held and confined to a space with a diameter not exceeding one meter (approx. three feet). It was 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) and they were denied of access to water. These practitioners were forced to sit military style for over ten hours a day, and were not allowed to move or talk. They have endured all kinds of hardships during the last two years. Yet their conviction in Dafa has grown even stronger.

My Experience of Validating the Fa in Tiananmen Square: I had polio when I was young. After I started practicing Falun Gong in 1997, all of my illnesses disappeared. I've become much healthier and stronger. On November 18, 2001, at a spot just west to the Monument in Tiananmen Square, I raised the banner proclaiming "truthfulness, compassion and tolerance" up high, and called out "Falun Dafa is good!" People around me echoed, "Good!" I returned home very peacefully.

Witnessing the magnificence of Dafa: I am a junior high school student. I have practiced Falun Dafa for four years. On November 3 when I was on my way home from school, I was hit by a car and propelled more than one meter (approx. 3 feet) away. The car was dented, and the side mirror bounced off my head. I lost consciousness for five minutes. After a day of rest at home, I went back to school as usual. After the accident, my parents kept comforting the driver, telling him about Dafa and letting him know the truth. The driver was extremely touched. He kept repeating, "I've met good people."


Overseas News

Falun Gong displayed its power at a "Health and Inspiration Exposition" in New Jersey: A middle-aged woman who had a neck pain came to the Falun Gong booth to learn the exercises and she soon felt a lot better.

Do not leave behind a single person who has a predestined relationship with Falun Dafa -- A Sydney Dafa practitioner's journal entry on the SOS Global RescueWalk across Australia by car: A Karratha City resident said, "A government that does not encourage but persecutes the people who believe in Truthfulness, Benevolence and Forbearance - It is hard to imagine what kind of government that is! I fully support Falun Dafa."

A Germany newspaper reported on November 15, 2001: Truthfulness, Benevolence and Forbearance are Falun Gong's three basic principles. Three ladies and two gentlemen arrived in Brno last night after they spent 7 hours walking from Leipzig. They called for attention and concern for the Falun Gong practitioners who are suffering persecution in China.

The Falun Dafa Association in Germany celebrates the establishment of Falun Dafa Associations in Belgium and Israel. The Falun Dafa Association in Switzerland celebrates the establishment of Falun Dafa Associations in Belgium, Austria, and Israel.