Free Asian Channel reported on October 29 that a fireworks factory set up by the local school in Kaoshan, Nongan County, in the Changchun area of Jilin Province, exploded recently. Eight people died and over ten people were injured in the blast. However, according to local residents, there were no students among the casualties.

According to news reports, the incident occurred on October 18 at the fireworks factory in Wuoniushi Elementary School. This is not the first time that such a deadly incident has occurred in a fireworks factory located in a County middle school or elementary school. Neither is it rare in China. In March 2001 there was a similar explosion in a school fireworks factory in Jiangxi Fanglin Elementary School, which killed over forty students and teachers. The Ming Newspaper in Hong Kong pointed out when it reported on the accident at Wuoniushi Elementary School that the local officials in Kaoshan County did not explain why this fireworks factory had been set up under the elementary school's name. However, the Ming Newspaper put forward the premise, based on other Mainland media reports, that the factory is using the elementary school as a front in order to avoid inspection personnel.

The dreadful sins perpetrated by the Jilin Women's Labor Camp in their vicious persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners

There are approximately one thousand practitioners illegally detained in the Jilin Women's Labor Camp. The camp is overcrowded, with two people having to share a single bed. The methods employed to brainwash the practitioners are extremely cruel. Practitioners newly arrived at the camp are deprived of sleep by the prison guards, and even more deplorably, the guards take advantage of those practitioners who have been previously brainwashed by making them take turns monitoring the new arrivals to force them to keep their eyes open. Brainwashed practitioners are also encouraged to persuade these steadfast ones with "kind" words. Practitioners are compelled to write a "renouncing letter" [stating that they will give up their practice of Falun Dafa]; otherwise they are forced to work 17 or 18 hours during the day and are not allowed to sleep at night. If after several days they still don't write the "renouncing letter," the prison guards begin to display their ferocity. They use high voltage electric batons to shock the practitioners' faces and chests, resulting in hideous purple bruises and large blisters. The pain is so intense that some practitioners lose control of their bladder and bowels. If a practitioner tries to reason with the guard she will be confined in a solitary compartment and handcuffed to the door for over a month. In solitary confinement she will get only half the usual food ration because the guards don't want to get into trouble by letting her out to go to the bathroom. Some guards viciously slap practitioners after handcuffing them to a bed. Other guards bind the practitioners' two arms to the corners of a bed and will not release them even to go to bathroom. (However, they will sometimes release them when other practitioners beg the guard to do so, seeing that the practitioner who is tortured cannot stand any more.) Some evil guards tie up practitioners on a flight of stairs, wearing only slippers, and leave them standing there for a whole night in freezing weather. Some practitioners' body functions are so disrupted by the extreme torture that they become incontinent, sometimes soiling themselves with their own waste. At this point the guards release them to see a doctor outside the prison, because they are afraid to take responsibility for the death of a practitioner while in custody.

The evil of the Changchun Hezuizi Labor Camp

There are almost a thousand people presently detained in Changchun Hezuizi Labor Camp. It is so crowded that 5 people have to share a bunk bed. Some practitioners have nowhere to sleep but on the cement floor. The brainwashing methods are also very sinister, and both hard and soft tactics are used. The following are examples of some of the means used for persecuting and brainwashing Falun Dafa practitioners.

Practitioners newly arrived at the camp are threatened with 4 or 5 electric batons. If the practitioner doesn't write the "renouncing letter", she will be tortured by applying an electric baton to one side of her neck for a long time. Within the past year, the electric batons at the camp have been "upgraded" from low voltage to high voltage, to "increase the transforming strength". Alternatively, the person attempting to brainwash the practitioners will try to bend their will through devious and hypocritical means, speaking kindly in an attempt to deceive them. When the practitioners are not deceived and refuse to write the "renouncing letter", the guards reveal their true nature and beat them severely.

Practitioners may be tied up barefoot in a freezing room (a morgue). They may be bound on the "Dead Man's Bed" for half a month (where one is placed on a bed and one's hands and feet are bound, not allowing movement or control over one's bowels and bladder functions without aid).

Electric batons are applied to practitioners' bodies until they cannot stand the extreme pain. Practitioners are beaten about the head with three electric batons until they lose control of their bowels and bladder. They are tortured with electric batons for long periods of time, and hung up by their cuffed hands. Practitioners' faces are beaten with electric batons to such an extent that their features become distorted and their hair scorched. Practitioners are forced to take drugs by having electric batons applied to their mouths, breaking teeth in the process.

Some practitioners are beaten so badly and so repeatedly that they suffer from mental breakdowns, and are later sent to the Psychosis Hospital in Siping City.


The Heavenly Principle

The question has been raised that since the persecution of Falun Gong only concerns Jiang Zemin and the practitioners, then why do these natural and man-made disasters happen to ordinary people? Have people really forgotten that there is a supernatural force in the universe that governs everything? All matters on earth exist for human beings, and God has stipulated the requirement for humans: to maintain and live by the highest moral standard. When people forget that standard and the effects of morality, God will send an alert via natural and man-made disasters--to an individual or their family, to the whole society, and the nation. All such disasters are heavenly retribution for karma resulting from past wrongdoings.

When evil ignites a fire that burns down all the houses in the forest, if everybody stands by with folded arms then everyone's house will be burned down because everyone indulges the evil even though they did not ignite the fire themselves. This is the retribution of the heavenly principle. Even if your house is located outside the forest and so can avoid being burned down, you can't avoid the smoke from the burning -- you still can't avoid the punishment from the heavenly principle.

God has entrusted us to uphold the highest moral standards. Nowadays, however, people ask "how much is morality worth per ounce?" The people living in ancient times said, "you should return a spring after you have received the favor of a drop of water;" yet people today think that it's ridiculous if you don't take advantage of situations and other people whenever you have the chance. In the old days people respected and supported those who had left their homes to cultivate the Buddha and Dao, but nowadays people think it's superstition to cultivate Buddha, believing instead that tangible material benefits are more substantial. In the old days, if someone had something stolen from them, people would lament that the public morals were not as high as they used to be; but people today will curse you, declaring that you are too foolish to monitor your own possessions. People in the old days cherished human life and believed that it should be treated with the utmost care. In the present day, however, when people see the scoundrels persecute kind people to death, they are indifferent and believe that such a thing has nothing to do with themselves, and will even go so far as to curse the person who died. These are just some examples of how far human morality has slipped. People have become unconscious of the decline of morality to such a degree that even after God has sent numerous warnings, people still can't remember the heavenly principle and don't know to search inside themselves for the source of the problem. The present situation is extremely dangerous!

God is up in Heaven and the net of justice is over all. People need to continually ponder the revelations from God...

The freighter "Tonghui" explodes and sinks in Shandong Province, 27 people dead

News from Beijing: The freighter "Tonghui" from Longkou Sea Freight Company in Shandong, China, exploded and sank on Sunday. The cargo included six freight cars carrying liquefied petroleum gas. It's estimated that 27 people on board were killed in the accident. Huang Zhendong, the Secretary of Transportation and the Vice President of Shandong Province traveled to Yantai to oversee the rescue on Monday. The Department of Transportation and Shandong Province have combined forces to inspect this incident. (From Asian Freedom Channel, October 29, 2001)

Wang Lixuan, a female practitioner from Nangou, Xixia, Shandong Province, 27 years old, and her son Meng Hao, less than 8 months old, tortured to death



Wang Lixuan had gone to Beijing to protect Dafa eight times since July 20, 1999. (Among those journeys, three times she was pregnant and two times she took her son with her.) She was seized on October 21, 2000 when she was on the way to Beijing to validate Dafa, but she completed the trip a day later on October 22, 2000 after escaping from the detention center. Wang Lixuan and her baby son were tortured to death on November 7, 2000 at Tuanhe Labor Camp in Beijing. After receiving notification of their deaths, family members went to Beijing and viewed the bodies at the morgue. The result of the medical examiner's investigation: Wang Lixuan had a broken neck and spine, a cracked ischium, a dent in her skull and there was a needle in her waist. Meng Hao had two deep creases on his ankles, two purple marks on his head and dried blood in his nose. Jiang Zemin and his criminal gang will even murder an innocent little baby!

The consequences of evil

If someone commits a wrongdoing, retribution will come to him or his family, and even to his offspring. The retribution will either come during his present life cycle or it will come in a following life cycle. We have heard or have seen first hand many examples of such occurrences.

The wrongdoings of local officials will cause disasters for the ordinary people of the community.

If a nation does something evil, it will either be destroyed, or generations upon generations of that nation will have to suffer to pay back the debt.

If the leader of a country commits a sin, then disasters will visit that country and the ordinary people will experience utter misery.

Such lessons, from ancient times to the present, are too numerous to count. The historical record remains.

Hong Kong Media claims that the severe drought in Northern China will affect the stability of the world rice market

(The Central News Agency Taibei, October 28) The Hong Kong Eastern Daily reports that Jiangsu Province, one of the most important rice-producing provinces in Mainland China, is experiencing a rare autumn drought. At the same time, the rice storehouse in Huanghuai Plain is seriously short of water. Foreign experts warn that if Mainland China can't maintain its rice autarchy it will precipitate a rise in the worldwide cost of rice. The report mentioned that Jiangsu Province is experiencing the biggest drought of the past ten years. The size of the drought-affected area has reached 6,500,000 mu (translator's note: Chinese unit of land measurement, one mu is equal to 0.165 acre.) This autumn drought has been precipitated by the earlier drought of the spring and summer. Among the affected areas, the situation in the northern Huai River area and the hill areas along the Changjiang and Huai Rivers are especially severe. Concurrently, the drought in Huanghuai Plain in Northern China is worsening. A report from the Geology and Monitoring Research Center in China points out that in the Huanghuai Plain, which produces 40% of the national grain, the underground water level has dropped tremendously (nearly 3 meters). A major reason for the dramatic lowering of the water table is directly caused by the local residents' increased drawing from underground water sources.

It is said that the local water and land nurture the local people. The karma generated by participating in the persecution of Falun Dafa by the local person in charge will bring disaster to ordinary people. Jiang Zemin and his evil political party have arrogantly persecuted Falun Gong for two years and have brought calamity to the country and to her citizens. All of the current natural and man-made disasters are due to the evil suppression and persecution of Falun Gong from Jiang and his political gang of hoodlums. And yet the persecution continues. The detained Dafa disciples are bearing immeasurable suffering every day. Please use your conscience and rationality to resist and condemn the spread of this tremendous evil.