Falun Gong Practitioner Dies after Labor Camp Warden Injects Him with an Unknown Substance - 11/9/2001


After being illegally detained in the Fangshan District Custodial Center in Beijing for 9 days, I was taken back by local police. During those 9 days, however, I witnessed the unlawful policemen's brutality towards Falun Dafa practitioners!

The Fangshan District Custodial Center illegally detains Falun Gong practitioners from various places around the country who go to Tiananmen Square to appeal or who refuse to give their names and addresses. Once we were detained, we started a hunger strike in order to protest our unlawful detention and to ask for our unconditional release. The policemen, however, inhumanly force-fed us. In their opinion, they could not release us as long as we were still alive! Some practitioners felt unbearable pain and shouted while being force-fed; some policemen swore at them and kicked them mercilessly.

Every time we refused to be force-fed or didn't cooperate with the evil, the ruffians would beat and kick us or drag us out one by one. One local practitioner named Yang had a pipe inserted into his trachea while he was force-fed--he could not even breath after coming back! When we called for a doctor, the thugs said, "He'll be all right after he chokes for a while." This practitioner was not sent to the hospital until he painfully struggled for a long time and was on the verge of death. Given the circumstances, the prison guards still continued to force-feed us.

Since we refused to cooperate with the evil, the thugs beat us, swore at us, and put handcuffs and shackles on us. The handcuffs and shackles were connected from behind, so we couldn't move at all; we couldn't even take care of ourselves. The handcuffs also became tighter if we moved even the slightest bit. The handcuffs made some practitioners' wrists fester very painfully. At night, the practitioners could not fall asleep and they could only stay in a given position for a few minutes. No one would be able to bear such pain without the righteous belief in Dafa. One practitioner was detained for more than 20 days and her ankles festered; she had a big 4 cm hole in her ankle from wearing the shackles--something too miserable to look at.

At present, the practitioners who are on hunger strike are near death. We suggest that Dafa practitioners around the world send forth the righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil that manipulates the Fangshan Branch Police Department and the Fangshan Custodial Center. Help all the practitioners who are illegally detained there regain their freedom!