(Clearwisdom.net) Dong Cuilian, a Dafa practitioner in Lingyuan, Liaoning Province, solemnly declared that all the statements or actions she made or took that have violated Dafa are now invalid. She also indicated that an article published in Chaoyang Daily attacking Dafa was seriously inconsistent with the facts and misleading.

1. A Solemn Declaration

A solemn statement to Chaoyang City Police Department:

I, Dong Cuilian, am a Falun Gong practitioner and former Falun Gong assistant center coordinator in Lingyuan, Liaoning Province. Today I write to you to state solemnly: All my forced speeches on TV, writings that were done in the police department and at my work unit, signed papers and any statements or actions that have violated Dafa are now invalid. Those were blasphemous lies that deceived people, which I did unwillingly and under severe pressure.

People should understand this point: No matter what people do or where people live, they should be clear about good or evil, and they should not commit bad deeds prohibited by heaven. This is the standard for people's action. A truth is a truth, a lie will always be a lie. The Law of the universe will certainly punish every evil person and bad deed. The Buddha's Law is powerful and righteous in its own right.

On July 31, without my consent, Chaoyang Daily published for the second time a misleading article about me, which is a serious violation of my rights. Its language was base and has constituted damage to my integrity. This incident made me to decide to stand up and speak out about the truth and my solemn position so as to clarify the truth to the public.

Dafa practitioner: Dong Cuilian

September 20, 2001

2. Letter to Editor of Chaoyang Daily

Mr. Wang Shaohua:

My name is Dong Cuilian, I am a Falun Gong practitioner. I was shocked after reading an article published on July 31 in your newspaper.

(1) I was not interviewed by anyone and the content of the article in your newspaper was not printed with my permission. This has seriously violated my human rights.

(2) The content of the article was seriously inconsistent with the facts and misleading, which has violated related laws. The language was base and has damaged my integrity.

Mr. Wang, today I solemnly tell you and your newspaper that the article was full of lies meant to deceive people, which I can never accept. As an editor, you cannot be regarded as a righteous person because you did not distinguish between right from wrong, or good from evil, and because you violated heavenly Law and yielded to the evil persecution. In seeking after petty gains, you could lose the eternity of your life. As a news reporter, how can you not have any judgment on the seriousness of this matter and be willing to be a puppet or tool? This is what worries me a great deal.

I hope your name will not be on history's column of shame. I hope you can realize your errors and mend your ways. Please take care.

Dong Cuilian from Lingyuan Steel Corporation

September 15, 2001

3. Letter to Section Chief Fu of the Police Department

Mr. Fu:

My name is Dong Cuilian. On July 31, without my consent, Chaoyang Daily published for the second time a misleading article about me, which is a serious violation of my rights. Its language was base and damaging to my integrity. Facing this misleading report, I can no longer remain silent. Tolerance is not cowardice; kindness does not mean allowing oneself to be bullied. Today I write to your police department to state my solemn position and to clarify the truth.

The Buddha's Law is the heavenly Law. Since sentient beings in the universe have deviated from the Fa, the enlightened being came down to earth to save the people. The force of the Fa-rectification cannot be stopped by anyone. More and more kind people have woken up and now see who is harming the stability of society and doing evil. Take a look at those kind people who were harmed or beaten to death, take a look at the Falun Gong practitioners around you who have been deprived of the right to work and to receive social security. What have you been doing? How can you be a human when your hands have been stained with people's blood? Is it worth it to be used for petty gains or a transient position to do evil things and become a criminal forever? Don't you want to wake up from willingly being a puppet or tool to the end?

In the storm of July 22, 1999, I did not withstand your pressure and tricks. I betrayed my respectful Teacher, betrayed my soul and deceived countless people. I have been in deep regret. Today I tell you solemnly: All of my speeches on TV and the writings and signed papers are now invalid. Those violated Dafa and were done under the influence of the evil. Currently I not only cultivate in Dafa, but also want to stay firmly in Dafa to the end. This is the choice I have made with my life.

I will join the mighty current of validating Dafa.

Righteousness and kindness will overcome evil; truth will forever remain after going through tribulation.