Hewan Labor Camp is known as the most evil place in the Wuhan area for persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners. In these two years plus, practitioners of the Wuhan area have been enduring serious tribulations inside Hewan.

In order to be rewarded, the wicked police at the Hewan Labor Camp not only copy the evil example of torturing practitioners done in Masanjia Labor Camp, but also try to confuse and destroy practitioners' willpower with phony kindness, lying, and sugar-coated "caring."

  1. The police have studied hard the book Zhuan Falun with an ill intention in order to quote parts out of context so as to distort the original meaning. In this way they try to confuse practitioners' minds. As long as some practitioners have an unclear understanding of the Fa, the evildoers will make the best use of this gap.
  2. The police have lined up practitioners who were "enlightened" along an evil path and let them exchange false understandings of the Fa through written articles. So those who went awry would become the backbone to confuse other practitioners.
  3. Any firm practitioner would be isolated from others but surrounded by three awry ones so as to mentally tear down the cultivator step by step.

The evildoers know that the evil understandings that result from brainwashing are quite ridiculous and unreliable, and practitioners will wake up once they calm down and read Teacher's new articles. Therefore, the police demand that the ones who have gone awry do not receive or read any recent articles by Master Li after release.