Firmly Believe in Teacher and Dafa

A practitioner from Changchun in her forties always says, "Just firmly believe in Teacher and Dafa," when sharing experiences with other practitioners. What follows are some of her personal experiences.

  1. Safeguarding the Fa in Tiananmen Square
  2. With a compassionate heart cultivated from Dafa, she left home and arrived at Tiananmen Square after she had made proper arrangements for a sick family member. She unfurled Dafa banners to defend the Fa, and tried to awaken and save everyday people. She was then arrested. After being on a hunger strike for six days, her compassion conquered evil. She successfully broke free from the hands of those vicious people.

  3. Distributing Falun Dafa Flyers
  4. On an early morning around 5 a.m. while she was distributing Falun Dafa flyers, a tall man grabbed her by the arm and insisted on taking her to a police station. She did not become nervous, instead she spoke to Teacher in her heart: I won't allow them to take me away. As soon as she strengthened her belief in Dafa in her mind, no matter what that man said, she didn't hear a word. Firmly and sternly, she said to the man, "The Fa rectifies Heaven and Earth, immediate retribution in this lifetime." After she recited the verse three times, the man suddenly smiled and changed his attitude. He took his hand off her, murmured something and left. She returned home safely.

  5. Rectifying the Home Environment
  6. Even though she was taking care of her sick husband attentively, her husband often lost his temper with her. She always thought this was because of the karmic debt she owed him. So she tolerated it passively. Gradually she found something didn't add up. Her husband would lose his temper no matter what she did. Then, she remembered to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate those evil elements behind her husband. Her Third Eye (Tianmu) had been open since she came back from Tiananmen Square. When she was reciting Teacher's verse of Fa-rectification, she saw all kinds of demons being destroyed. Since then, her husband's bad temper disappeared.