September 28, 2001

"Clarifying the truth with wisdom"

A fellow practitioner in China has been driving his own agricultural purpose light vehicle around every evening, finding an appropriate place, and then playing Dafa music and Teacher's Fa lectures using loudspeakers on the vehicle. He plays for a certain length of time in one place and then changes to another place to play again. The sounds can be heard in an area several kilometers wide, powerfully deterring evil. This has inspired fellow practitioners enormously.

"The great Dao with no enemies, accessed heaven and earth" ("Taichi" of Hongyin)

The evil people in a small county seat posted many warrants for the arrest of Falun Gong practitioners. One day after dinner, a fellow practitioner went out to do something. He tore up most of these warrants on his way. He found another one on the wall of a shopping mall. After seeing it, he walked directly towards it. Just as he was about to remove it, a police vehicle approached and stopped at the place where the warrant was posted. Several policemen got out of the vehicle and stood right near him. This practitioner thought, "I came over here just to rip this warrant off of the wall, but I should be rational." Thereupon he said to policeman at his side, "What is this that is posted here? Who is to be arrested? Let me take one and bring it home so that I can have a closer look." The policeman did not say a word. This practitioner simply peeled the warrant off of the wall, put it in his pocket, and walked away.

The police had issued a warrant for the arrest of this practitioner also. Moreover, they regarded him as an important person to be captured. From this case, it is clear that the evil actually is powerless!