Italian Parliament Member Umberto Giovine Meets Practitioners in Taiwan

On January 4th we received a note from the Cultural Development Council that an Italian Parliament member, Mr. Umberto Giovine would like to meet the Falun Gong Association members during his visit (he had been invited by the Taiwanese government). So later that day, Mr. Giovine, accompanied by members of the Cultural Development Council, came to the Falun Dafa Assistance Center in Taipei. The president of the Taiwan Falun Dafa Association, Dr. Zhang Qingxi, personally received Mr. Giovine. A local practitioner in charge of overseas promotion, an American practitioner and myself were also present at the meeting. Mr. Giovine and his fellow members of parliament are from the district of Milano. They are influential members of the Budgeting, District Affairs and Technology Assessment committees. Before he became a member of parliament, Mr. Giovine was an overseas correspondent for the Italian newspaper group, II Mondo. He knows several different languages, is a scholar in Political Science, and was the director of ISPI (an international political research institute under the Italian Foreign Ministry). He was also once a visiting professor at both John Hopkins and Stanford Universities.

Dafa Practitioners Qiu Zhiyan, Zhang Zhibin, Liu Guimin Were Persecuted to Death

[] Qiu Zhiyan, A Practitioner in Benxi City, Liaoning Province, was Persecuted to Death. Here is his story.

Qiu Zhiyan, a 35-year-old male Dafa practitioner from Benxi City of Liaoning Province, was persecuted to death.

The Death Case of Zhu Yourong and More Sad Stories From Hebei Province's No. 1 Labor Camp

Cruel Persecution

October 10, 2000 was a day that was most memorable to all the Falun Dafa practitioners jailed in Hebei Province' No. 1 Labor Camp. On this day, the female section' yard was filled with male guards and medical workers. All female practitioners were put in the dining room and were asked to go back to their cells in groups of 10. The guards illegally performed a body search on every practitioner. The clothes of every practitioner were taken off and searched, and all the Jingwen [Master Li' articles], papers, and pens were taken away. This method of body search was repeated as many as ten times from October to December 2000. Things were scattered and left in a mess as if the cells had been looted. At night, the electricity suddenly went out. Outside the cells, the wind was blowing, the leaves were rustling, and birds were crowing strangely. The common prisoners on duty that night were terrified. To prevent the practitioners who had lost their Jinwen from committing suicide, many male and female guards on duty came to check on the practitioners repeatedly. They repeatedly directed the flashlights into the face of every practitioner. This lasted the whole night.

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