My name is Zhong Yijiang. I am a Falun Dafa practitioner in Thailand. Before obtaining Dafa in 1995, I had a serious eye disease called Maculopathy. I have seen many ophthalmologists, but they all told me that this disease was incurable and that the most I could hope for was to live an otherwise good life. They also warned me that if my eye disease was not cured in time, I would soon go blind. Indeed my condition quickly deteriorated to the point that I couldn't even read newspapers or phone numbers. I became very worried and didn't know what to do. At a friend's suggestion, I visited Guangzhou [Guangdong Province] Ophthalmology Hospital in China. A doctor there told me that my condition was extremely difficult. "Could traditional Chinese medicine cure my disease?" I asked. "No, Chinese medicine won't help you, either," he said. "What about Qigong?" I asked again. His answer: "If Qigong could cure your eye disease, it would be a miracle." Even with such a grim conclusion, I still didn't want to give up and began to search for a doctor who could help me. I visited quite a few distinguished ophthalmologists in Beijing and Shanghai, but their conclusions were the same as the doctor in Guangzhou: my disease was incurable. After my fruitless search, I returned to Guangzhou. There I met a friend who was practicing Falun Gong. After learning of my condition, he told me about Falun Gong and gave me the book China Falun Gong. Later he also gave me Master Li's Guangzhou Lecture videotapes. After I returned to Thailand, I stayed at home to watch the videotapes everyday. In the beginning, I could not find a Falun Gong practice site, and my practice at home was on and off. Later, I found a practice group and joined them. During Master Li's visit to Thailand, he came to our practice site. It was my first time to see our Master in person. After the group practice, I told Master about my eye condition. My eyesight was 0.5 in the right eye and 0.07 in the left (which is nearly blind, a "1.5" on this scale is equivalent to 20-20). Master Li asked me to close my eyes. After two minutes, he said, "Good." I opened my eyes and, to my amazement, everything became very clear. Master told me to keep reading the book Zhuan Falun. After a period of time, I went back to the hospital for another eye examination, and the doctor told me that my eyes were normal. The doctor who claimed that my Maculopathy was incurable could not believe it. Master cured my disease, but did not ask for a penny in return. All he asked was that I keep up the effort in cultivation practice. During Master's visit to Thailand, I had many opportunities to be at his side. Master always taught us to be good people through his words and example. Today, I want to tell people the truth that our Master has never collected money, never told any lies, and has never harmed anyone. Rather, he taught us to become good people. I appeal to the irresponsible media and to people who don't know the truth to stop the smear campaign against Master Li Hongzhi, to restore Master Li's good reputation, and to return justice to Falun Gong.