One cold evening in Montreal we three (myself - a male westerner - and two Chinese female practitioners) went out to a gathering at a Christian center. It was a dinner party of sorts, organized by a certain small political party, the [XX] party, which is running on a platform of Christian values. We were warmly welcomed and invited to dine with them, on simple fare of spaghetti, sauce and bread. Over dinner we had the chance to talk with those at the table about Dafa, the persecution in China, and Christianity. After dinner the local candidate of the [XX] party gave a short speech. Then, the leader of the party gave a speech as well. Afterwards, there was the opportunity to ask questions of the party leader.

We took the opportunity to promote Fa to them at that question period. I was nervous, as though the karma inside me was resisting and trying to keep me from stepping forward at this special opportunity, but I just went ahead, determined to become a pure and brilliant particle of Dafa. I spoke first and briefly mentioned my personal experience with Dafa, the principle of Zhen-Shan-Ren [Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance], the meditation and exercises of Falun Gong. I then spoke of the persecution in China, and mentioned my respect for Jesus Christ and what his disciples went through at the hands of the Romans. I felt this to be correct in my heart, to let them know of my respect for Jesus and their beliefs. I then asked the question of what the [XX] party would do, if elected, to end the persecution. Their idea is that through trade sanctions, they would apply pressure in this way, and make an example for other countries to all follow, to apply trade sanctions until the respect for human rights of citizens and an end to 'slave labor' was achieved. (Editor's note: Falun Gong does not take position on trade issue per se.)

After another couple of society-related questions, one of the Chinese practitioners offered to tell her story: she was nervous at first, but she summed up her strength, and breaking through the human mentality, stepped forward with a pure heart. She spoke of how good Falun Gong was, its benefits in her life and for her family, and also how her husband has been detained for 11 months without any news, and how her family was persecuted in China as well [see 'Letter to a Canadian Official From a Practitioner']. She then described the terrible deeds reported from Masanjia Labor Re-Education Camp. The kind-hearted Christians were moved to tears, and one of them led the rest in prayer: they prayed for the release of her husband, of all Falun Gong practitioners, and ending of abuses of that sort everywhere. Later, most of them took Dafa materials and signed a petition woman even wanted to come to Chinatown to learn the practice! We were also invited to come to one lady's church, and another gentleman was going to bring one of our petition letters to his church and ask everyone to sign it. It was truly a special evening.

Before we left we helped clean up the tables and one practitioner washed the dishes; this provided more opportunity at the same time to speak with them and let them know more about Dafa.

We thus once again experienced this 'cultivation within Fa-rectification,' and felt happy for the opportunity to clarify the truth while simultaneously breaking through our attachments and eliminating karma.