The 13th of May is the birthday of our most respected Teacher and the "World Falun Dafa Day". As the time for this "double happiness and double celebration" is coming, we cannot express enough our feelings by words. Forty-nine years ago, to fulfill a great aspiration, our Teacher came to this world again to spread the great way and has therefore suffered countless hardships. Eight years ago, Falun Dafa, like an alarming thunder, started to rectify the universe that enables all sentient beings to obtain new lives. Only after then, the lives of over 100 million practitioners have attained a true meaning as they have been connected with our Teacher's law-rectification process. During this period of time when the degenerated things are being purged, the light of hope appears, and the old universe is being transitioned into a new one, we would like to assist Teacher to achieve his goal in the human world by helping him revolve the Falun (the law wheel). We will further upgrade ourselves in cultivation in a more solidly way under the adverse circumstance. Many fellow practitioners can truly put down life and death, and abandon the attachments of fame, interest and sentiment. They are not afraid of being arrested and/or detained, and still insist on group practice and experience sharing (dozens or hundreds of people together). At the same time, they explain by all possible means the truth about Falun Dafa to the police and the public around them to clear up any misunderstanding on Falun Dafa and to spread and protect Falun Dafa.

On the day when the whole world celebrates together the reappearance of the great Buddha Law on the earth, we will also cerebrate this holy and brilliant holiday in various ways.

May 7, 2000

(Translated on May 9, 2000)