Respected fellow practitioners,

May the 13th is the birthday of our most benevolent and most compassionate Teacher, and it is also the World Falun Dafa Day proposed by European and American practitioners. Upon the arrival of this double blissfulness, in order to express our immeasurable thoughts and respect toward our beloved Teacher and celebrate this sacred moment, we will continue to firmly cultivate Dafa, put down the attachment of life and death and let go of the attachment of fame, fortune, and sentiment, with the realm of true cultivators to stand out from ordinary people honorably and openly, and fulfill the duty of Dafa practitioners. To safeguard the dignity of our great Teacher and this Great Way of the universe, we will establish an environment of group Fa [law and principle of Falun Dafa] study and group practice. We will take actions of true and genuine practice in response to the immense compassion and boundless mighty virtue of our beloved Teacher, who has been in the human world for 49 years, and who started imparting this Great Way of universe 8 years ago (from 1992 to present).

The time for cultivation practice is limited. To cherish Dafa [great law] is to cherish our own lives. At this juncture between the end of darkness and the appearance of dawn and at the critical point of a great wave washing out the dregs of society, it is up to us ourselves to choose our directions. "Good or bad comes out from a single thought". Dafa is harmonizing all sentient beings, and our action has to in turn harmonize Dafa in this world. Let us all cherish this rare opportunity of cultivation, since all these has been arranged by our beloved Teacher out of his boundless benevolence and compassion.

"The Buddha-light illuminates everywhere, and rectifies all abnormalities; Seek further advancement together, and bright is the future." While celebrating this day of double blissfulness, let us continue to "assist our Teacher to disseminate Dafa around the world", and let the brilliance of "Zhen-Shan-Ren" ("Truth-Compassion-Tolerance") illuminate the cosmos.

May 4, 2000

(Translated on May 6, 2000)