[Nanjing, April 1, 2000, News] Qun Li (M. Eng), a young female instructor of The College of Telecommunications, Military Science & Engineering University, was sent to Nanjing Psychiatric Hospital (section 6) by the military. She was sent there for practicing Falun Gong and sending a letter to a petitioning bureau to report the facts that some Falun Gong practitioners were illegally kept in a psychiatric hospital. She is currently locked up with another Falun Gong practitioner, a police officer, Ms. Jianhua Ding, who was sent there earlier.

They were forced to regularly take medications that can make a normal person become insane. They were sent to the psychiatric hospital simply because they practiced Falun Gong, told the truth and exercised their citizen rights provided for by the Chinese Constitution.

The following is the letter from Qun Li to a petitioning bureau.

Dear Officers of Petitioning Bureau,

Being a citizen with a sense of justice and responsibility, I am writing to you to request officers in your petitioning bureau to help solve some real problems for our citizens.

Recently, some Falun Dafa practitioners including Xiangdi Duan, Jianhua Ding and Jizhen Han were sent to Nanjing Psychiatric Hospital by police for having been to Beijing to petition for Falun Dafa. They have been forced to take medicine every day and have lost their freedom for several months. Some of them were sent there for the second time. Some of them were not released because of the opening of the "two sessions" of the National People's Congress, and some of them even didn't know when they would be released. Without any legal procedures, a person is locked up for as long as someone wishes. It made me question what kind of law had been complied with in these cases? These people are not psychiatric patients, nor have they broken any laws. If they had broken a law, I believe they would rather be sentenced to prison.

A hospital is a place to treat patients, not a prison. With the conscience of a human being, one can imagine how it feels for a normal person to be locked up in a psychiatric hospital and treated as a psychiatric patient. With so much suffering, would a person's one day wear on like a year? Everyone knows that a healthy, normal person might become ill in that kind of environment. Is treating people like this humane?

A citizen's rights and freedom should be protected by the Constitution. Petitioning is a right provided for every citizen by the Constitution. What Falun Gong practitioners have done is not wrong, nor have they broken any laws. If petitioning is not allowed, please direct us to the place where our complaints and voices can be heard.

These practitioners are all exceptionally good people in the society. Even being locked in the hospital, some of them are kindly helping in taking care of patients and doing cleaning. Their integrity, kindness and pure hearts have moved people into tears and made people speechless.

I sincerely hope the government authorities will take some action as soon as possible to resolve this issue, and stop treating its citizens like this. I also hope the government will stop the unjustified and wrong doings such as sending Falun Gong practitioners to psychiatric hospitals, and truly rule the county abiding by the law.

Please release these innocent good people and compensate them for their psychological suffering and loss.


Qun Li

A Falun Dafa practitioner in Nan-Jing, Jiang-Su Province

March 13, 2000

(Translated Apr. 2, 2000)