Since September 1999, the drug rehabilitation center supervised by Dalian Judicial Administration Department has been detaining and beating Falun Dafa practitioners and calling such activities "study sessions". In June of this year, the vice president of the department (Mr. Hao) became the supervisor at the center. He changed the name to "Dalian reeducation and transformation center" and escalated the persecution of Dafa practitioners. Sometimes more than 100 practitioners were detained there. The transformation center forced practitioners to pay 2000 Yuan (Chinese dollars, about four month salary of an averaged worker in cities of China) for "tuition". Police would confiscate any items of value from the homes of practitioners who couldn't pay the fees. In October of this year, police from Dafangshen police station in Wanzhen (a town in Dalian) seized the refrigerator and color TV from a Dafa practitioner's home in lieu of payment

Mr. Hao uses filthy language in his everyday life, and most of the other police officers are disgusted by his behaviour. His voice is often hoarse, and sometimes he cannot even speak clearly, but he keeps saying dirty things and slandering Dafa practitioners.

Case report 1:

Practitioner Zhang Zhuhui (transliteration) is the uncle of Zhang Jun, mayor of Zhuanghe city of Dalian. Because he wouldn't give up his practice, the local police carried him to Zhuanghe detention house. He could not walk because of a cut on the sole of one foot. The Zhuanghe detention house is where practitioner Shao Shisheng was tortured to death. Later, the police transferred the disabled old man to Dalian Drug Rehabilitation Center. His wife, also a Dafa practitioner, was sent to Masanjia Labor Re-education Camp (the one, teacher, identified in "suffocate the evil") in Shenyang province. During his time in the rehabilitation center, the old practitioner was forced to walk and run with other practitioners in the baking sun. Despite this, his determination in cultivating Dafa was rock solid.

Case report 2:

All the practitioners sent to the rehabilitation center were forced to copy and read the "Regulations" and "Pledge". Any practitioners who refused to do so were punished. One punishment consisted of forcing practitioners to hold their faces against the wall for several hours. While in this position, practitioners were beaten and prodded with electric batons. Police used even more cruel methods to torture practitioners. They would make practitioners bend over so that their heads touched their knees and forced them to stay like that for several hours. They also forced practitioners to watch videotapes that slandered Falun Dafa. The practitioners had to sit straight on their stools with their hands touching the backs of the chairs in front, and look directly at the TV; otherwise they would be punished by the described methods .

If practitioners were found practicing during the night, they would be punished. When Gong Guowei (transliteration) was caught practicing at night, he was forced to stand for 3 days and 2 nights, after his face had been given a severe beating. The practitioner was so exhausted that his clothes were soaked with sweat.

Some police commented to each other that Falun Gong practitioners were simply too honest; others said that compared to the labor re-education camp, the rehabilitation center was far more comfortable. From this we can guess that the situation is a lot worse in the labor re-education camps.

Case report 3:

The drug rehabilitation center supervised by Dalian Judicial Administration Department regularly held "criticism" meetings. The meeting room was heavily guarded. Once a practitioner stood up and tried to protect Dafa and he was beaten as he was taken from the 7th floor all the way down to the 1st floor. Several other practitioners also stood up and disclosed the lies. These practitioners were tortured with the methods identified in case report 2.

The so-called "transformation" programs at the drug rehabilitation center are actually just cruel methods to make practitioners rescind their beliefs. At the moment, these crimes are still going on.