Since July 20, 1999, the cruel crackdown on Falun Dafa practitioners initiated by Jiang Zemin has been escalated. Up to date, many practitioners have been tortured to death, countless have been injured, and many families have been broken apart. During this process, every policeman, public prosecutor and court staff member has played a different role. Some have implemented the orders from their bosses out of their short-term interests, some for venting their brutality; some are just apathetic and do their work blindly. However, have you ever considered that the people you are persecuting are benevolent Falun Dafa practitioners who don't curse back and fight back? Do you have your conscience? When you are torturing these honest people brutally with your blood soaked hands, do you realize that you're tramping on the law in the name of law enforcement? You're breaking the law while enforcing it.

In the history of China, it's not rare to have the wicked in power while the evil and good are reversed. It hasn't been a long time since the Great Cultural Revolution took place. Aren't there any lessons left for people? A few people with ulterior motives have turned China upside down. Honest people were framed and even many of the nation's leaders were persecuted to death. But what were the results for those who spared no effort to carry this out?

After the crackdown of 'Gang of Four' in 1976, the Central Government purged internally the 'three kinds of people' who had persecuted the old cadres. The newly appointed General Secretary of Military Commission Luo RuiQing, Wang Zhen and the former Minister of Department of Public Security upheld the justice for those grievous souls who died miserably. Just before the action, Liu Chuanxin, the sheriff of Military, who controlled the Public Security Bureau of Beijing, rushed to commit suicide. He knew he wouldn't be allowed to go free. 17 typical bad jail officers, guards and interrogators in Beijing whose hands were soaked with blood of the victims were executed after being tried internally. Wang Zhen and Feng Jipeng supervised the execution in person. This action was solidly grounded: the Central Government of the Chinese Communist Party had regulated that, since the time of Jinggangshan, it is forbidden to extort confession by body torture and a formal document was issued. This principle had been reiterated many times. Even in the times of the Great Culture Revolution, Premier Zhou En lai quoted Mao Ze dong's quotation "Treat the prisoners like human beings" Zhou declared it should be followed as a guiding principle and proclaimed that it was forbidden to torture prisoners. The execution of these 17 people didn't go through the public judicial procedures and was just based on the principles of 'breaking the law while aware of the law and thus being punished by internal law'. This was not proclaimed to the public either. It is said that the Public Security Departments of Beijing informed the families of these people, after the executions, that they had lost their lives because of duty. However, those correction officers knew what had happened. They were all shocked. After that, they would think about how to handle the prisoners.

In November of 1977, the State Council and Military Commission of the Central Government issued "On Returning to the Army of Military Officers who worked in the Department of Public Security and Public Security Bureau of Beijing". All 793 military officers left were all removed from Public Bureau of Beijing. This purge was carried out after all the representatives of the army returned to the army, thus those officers who cruelly persecuted old cadres didn't escape from the punishment. It's said that in the army, the same actions were also carried out. A group of army members were escorted to Yunnan for secrete execution and their family members were informed that they had also 'died while on duty'. (Excerpt from 'Stories of Sun Weishi')

History is a good teacher. Have you, especially those policemen, public prosecutors and court staff in Beijing, forgotten these lessons in only 20 years? Maybe you've forgotten, so one late night when you can sober your mind, please try to recall that period of history. Maybe you're not aware of this, then ask those who worked in those positions during that period. Maybe you don't believe this fact and are stubborn in your actions, then think about what Marshal Chen Yi had said: "Good is rewarded by good, evil is rewarded by evil. If it's not rewarded, it's because the time hasn't arrived. If the time arrives, everything becomes equal." Isn't the suicide of Liu Chuanxin a vivid representation of this? Haven't those hatchet men executed understood the meaning of these words during the last minutes of their life? After all, the path of history can't be changed by personal will.

Nowadays, those who are vicious and malignant as Jiang Zemin, Zeng Qinghong, Luo Gan and their gangs, by inhumanely persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners, have let darkness cover over all of China. But the dark cannot prevent the arrival of dawn. Righteous justices will prevail over evil. This is forever true. From their own experiences with Dafa practioners since the crackdown, some sober minded policemen, have realized that Falun Dafa practitioners are all honest, noble people. After investigating the government's proclamation that "Falun Dafa is politically oriented, collects money, has a tight organization and thus disrupt the society", they have found that it is groundless, and that persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners is illegal from a judicial perspective. Those who are still duped and those who are still saving no effort to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners, please ask yourself with your conscience: Have they really broke the law? Do you really treat them as humanely when you're on duty? Are you satisfied when you see your hands bathed with the blood of Falun Dafa practitioners? Are you breaking the law while enforcing it?

We sincerely hope you, as a law enforcer, can observe with your eyes, think with your mind and uphold the dignity of law with your conscience. Don't take a paper of order as an excuse of your breaking the law. Don't condone your brutality and head for the wrong direction until the end, thus destroying yourself and becoming buried.

Nov. 15, 2000