Jul. 27

Ms. Shen Yueping passed away on July 16, 2009, one month after she was released when she was dying.

Jul. 28

Ms. Li Xiuzhen has been arrested nineteen times since July 1999. She was sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment and force labor, cruelly force-fed over 600 times, tortured and humiliated with over a dozen of different methods. The photos indicate several of tortures.

Jul. 29

Mr. Fan Yichang, 69, died on July 22, 2009, and his body was cremated against his family's will.

Mr. Lu Zhen was healthy prior to his imprisonment with no prior record of heart disease, the 'official' cause of death.

Jul. 30

Over 30 police officers abducted Mr. Li Rushan at his home and tore his family.

Family members are not informed until after traveling to the camp.

Jul. 31

Mr. Yang was force-fed after beginning a hunger strike.

Aug. 1

When Mr. Zhu was released from the prison on December 29, 2008, he was too weak to walk out of the prison by himself, but the guards wouldn't let his family inside the prison. An inmate who was also just released put Mr. Zhu on his back and carried him out of the prison. Mr. Zhu died six months after his release.

When a defense attorney submitted evidence of fabricated evidence being used against his client, the CCP simply suspended the license of the defense lawyer.

Yet another highly illegal mock 'trial' of Falun Gong practitioners in Jiamusi City.

Aug. 2

One year before the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, the head of the CCP's judiciary system claimed to "open a People's War for the security of the World Expo" and crackdown on any perceived or potential dissents.

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