(Clearwisdom.net) In the winter of 2008, we began to distribute Shen Yun Performing Arts DVD's directly to the people we met. In winter, most of the residential buildings have electronic locks at the entrance. It became difficult to distribute the DVD's to each family without loss. I had the idea of handing out DVD's directly in person. I did not believe there would be any risk; in fact, there might be an opportunity to create a new way to clarify the truth. After sharing with another practitioner, we decided to do it.

While distributing the 2009 Shen Yun, we handed out nearly all of our DVD's in person. We had a late start, and we did not have enough people to make the DVD's as well as hand them out. So far, we have handed out about 700 sets of packages, half of which are DVD's. While handing them out, we always learned from individual experiences and lessons. We gradually relinquished more and more human attachments and notions, and our righteous thoughts got stronger and stronger. Now we would like to share some of those experiences.

1) Watch a Few More Times; Learn the Meaning Behind the Show

When we began distributing the 2009 Shen Yun DVD, we ourselves had only watched the show once or twice. We also had some ordinary people's notions. So we commented, I like this one; I did not see the meaning of the other, etc. Some other practitioners would also make comments such as: not bad, it's ok. So when we handed out the DVD's, we did not have much to say. All we could say was: It's very good, very beautiful.

Later, we found it necessary to inspect the quality of the DVDs, so we spent more time watching the show. The more we watched, the more we felt the show resonating. The music became so powerful that the minute we heard it, we began to shed tears. Language could not describe the boundless compassion and hope within the music, the lyrics and the dance. Later on, when we gave people the DVD's, we could wholeheartedly tell them why the Shen Yun show is beautiful and precious.

2) Break Through Personal Notions

There is an old saying, "With everything, the most difficult phase is the beginning." Master told us in Zhuan Falun, "When it's impossible to do, you can do it." It's up to us to figure out how to break through our notions and if we have the resolve to do it. When we wholeheartedly cultivate ourselves following Master's Fa, let go of our personal interests, and give the highest priority to saving sentient beings, then nothing is too difficult to do.

When we met someone passing by, we said with a smile: "Hello, shopping for groceries? I have a DVD. It's Shen Yun Performing Arts, do you want it?" Based on their reaction, we told them how wonderful the show is. When they asked whether or not this was Falun Gong related, we did not avoid the topic. Some refused when they heard Falun Gong. Some took it when they heard Falun Gong.

3) Individualize the Approach to Different People

To senior citizens or people with poor health, we told them the show provides benefits to their health. However, we did not say the show can heal their illness. That could cause them to have a strong attachment, and might bring negative consequences. To elderly people, we said: "This show carries a strong energy field, and people with illnesses felt very comfortable when watching it." "When you feel down, or sick, watching this show can help you feel better." "If people in your family are sick, tell them to watch the show a few times. He will feel much better." When we met manual laborers, we said: "You have worked hard for the whole day, why don't you watch the show and relax? You will feel rested." To young people, we told them the show has been performed all over the world and has raised the opinion of traditional Chinese culture for the world's people.

Our general introduction included the following: this is a performing arts show which is pure and beautiful; it expresses traditional culture through classical Chinese dance. If time allows, we also tell them some of the highlights of the show. When people asked why we give this to them, we told them: "We just want to promote traditional culture."

One day I met an elderly worker from my workplace. When I asked him if he was interested in the DVD, he told me he had no DVD player. I knew that was an excuse, so I said: "This is a performing arts show that is very pure and beautiful. The group has presented over 300 performances all over the world. It is very popular. The show lets you enjoy the performing arts, and gives you health benefits. He said: please give me one. I told him to watch it often when he had time. A few days later, I met his wife and asked: "Did you see the show?" She immediately responded, "Yes, it was really good. We have watched it a few times already." I said, "That's wonderful, keep watching the show whenever you have time. People's illnesses are 70% caused by their emotions and 30% from physical causes. Clean and pure music can make people's mental states stabilize and heal people's illnesses." She said: "I believe in this!"

Encouraging people to watch the show can help them feel Dafa's power and receive salvation.

4) Break Through People's Notions; Watching the DVD Can Save People

Because we are cultivating, we still have some human notions. That makes our mission more difficult. When we began to distribute the DVD's, I was not very sure how people might react, and thought, some people may not like to see the show. With that thought, I indeed met a few people who said "I don't enjoy watching performing arts." After I gained more appreciation of Shen Yun's profound meaning and spent more time reading Master's Lectures, I realized that my own notions hindered people. After I relinquished my notions, I always told people: "This is a show that's pure and beautiful." Afterwards, I never heard another person tell me he or she "does not like performing arts."

Since I am the only one who makes the DVD's (purchasing, burning, labeling and packaging), I have a deep appreciation that the DVD's do not come easy. Sometimes I worry if people will throw it away without watching it. Therefore, I always make sure they really want to accept it before giving them the disc.

5) Eliminate all Interference; Steadfastly Move Along the Path to Save People

During our effort, we also met with interference. Someone even threatened to inform the police. I did not have any fear, and continued to distribute DVD's. But later, some fears came to my mind: what if they really did report me to the police? If they arrest me or take me to the police station, what should I do? What about ending up in a detention center? After these thoughts came out, I tried to expel them: They are not my thoughts! But I could not completely get rid of them. One day, it suddenly dawned on me: "Because I still have fear in the bottom of my heart, the evil keeps injecting such bad stuff into my brain, causing me to have so much fear that I do not dare to distribute the DVD's. The evil wanted me to abandon the path of saving sentient beings." After this realization, I immediately denied the thought and eliminated the interference. After that, these thoughts vanished.

I knew that Dafa disciples should improve their own xinxing before they complete their cultivation. They must fulfill their pre-historic vows and save more people. We really have to be determined to make breakthroughs in our cultivation. If we enjoy the leisure and comfort of the status quo, then we can never make the first step. At the beginning of handing out the DVD's, every time I went out, I felt uneasy. I always tried to find a reason not to go. I also wished others could do more so I did not have to work so hard. When I had a large pile of DVD's sitting there waiting to be distributed, I felt a great pressure. Sometimes I complained about others not doing enough.

After I repeatedly studied the Fa and looked inward, I stopped blaming and relying on others. The excessive DVD pileup was also taken by other practitioners. When things were not going smoothly, when several people refused to take the DVD, when people said negative things, when people stared at me and cursed, could I endure them?

Master said in Zhuan Falun:

"The master takes you through the entrance, and it is up to you, yourself to practice cultivation. It all depends upon how you, yourself practice cultivation. Whether you can practice cultivation all depends upon whether you can endure, sacrifice, and suffer. If you can commit your mind, no difficulties can stop you. I would say that there is not a problem."

6) The Advantage of Handing Out DVD's in Person

First, this allows us to meet all kinds of people. During the interaction, all human notions come out, allowing us to cultivate and improve.

Second, we get direct feedback. So far most feedback has been positive. Someone said they did not understand the meanings of the performances. We took the opportunity to explain and tell them to watch Shen Yun again.

Third, we can make breakthroughs in our attachment to our fear of telling people the truth in person. As a result, our righteous thoughts are enhanced. At the beginning, I had a lot of fear. Now I no longer have much left. I recently began to experiment using a new approach: directly telling people passing by to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. This will speed up the pace to save sentient beings.

It minimizes the loss of DVD's.


In order to hand out more DVD's, make people accept them more willingly, and save more people, we must pay attention to Fa study and sending forth righteous thoughts. We should try to attend group Fa study and sending righteous thoughts. When sending forth righteous thoughts, think "eliminate all evils that prevent people from watching Shen Yun." If two people work in a group, it's even better. Before starting, we should try to send forth righteous thoughts as time allows.

When our minds are righteous and our hearts are calm, we hand out more DVD's, and even those who refused still thank us. We should treat every moment of everyday life as cultivation. Look inside for the source of our problems. When we give people DVD's, we should watch for their reaction, and make sure they really want to keep it. We should give them an introduction whenever possible. We should also encourage them to pass it on to others.

We have not done enough. Many practitioners have done more and they may not have time to write down their experiences. We would like to share our experience to encourage practitioners who have not stepped forward.

Please point out our any point that is not appropriate.