Jul. 13

The brainwashing center states publicly, "Once you are here, only three roads remain for you: one is to be 'transformed' (renounce and defame Falun Gong), two is to be sent to a mental hospital, and three is to be sentenced to a forced labor camp."

Jul. 14

The gang torture, literally called "Flesh Instrument of Torture" in Chinese, causes injures not immediately visible superficially. But victims with less injuries will vomit, incur neck injuries, fierce headaches, and be unable to eat. Those who are severely injured will lose consciousness, go into a vegetative state, or even die from cerebral hemorrhaging.

Jul. 15

The court, along with local CCP officials, claimed non-local lawyers were not allowed to get involved in any Falun Gong case. When the lawyer demanded to see the document, the judge said, "The Chinese Communist Party's policies may not all be written on paper."

Jul. 20

Mr. Li Ruyao's wife, who was in her ninth month of pregnancy, was held down on a bed by perpetrators for a forced abortion. Both the mother and the unborn infant were killed.

Jul. 21

The prison subjects Falun Gong practitioners to a variety of torture methods, including electrical baton shocks, beatings, force-feeding, hanging, tying, freezing, stabbing with awls, solitary confinement, and beating by instigated inmates.

Jul. 22

Ms. Qie Lili, 31, is currently being held in the First Detention Center of Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province. She has spent almost five of the past ten years in prisons and detention centers. Her family has also been persecuted and much of the income she has been able to make under these circumstances confiscated.

A family is arrested after a raid on their home and the confiscation of many of their possessions.

Jul. 23

Ms. Li Mengshu died recently several months after her delayed release from prison.

Healthy Falun Gong practitioners are forced to take an unknown drug.

Jul. 26

Mr. Sun Xiaojun weighed only about 80 pounds due to one year's torture in the jail. He died on July 15, 2009, two weeks after being released to home.

Mr. Yang Guiquan was arrested on June 20, 2009 for talking about the truth about Falun Gong in a shopping mall. In the detention center, he was forced-fed by guards. The police took him to a hospital when he was on the verge of death on July 5. He died on the same day.

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