(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Chen Changying, 50, is a Falun Gong practitioner in Yubei District of Chongqing City. Because of her belief, she has suffered brutal persecution for the past nine years. She was twice sent to Maojiashan Women's Forced Labor Camp, where she was badly tortured.

On May 12, 2000, Ms. Chen went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong and was arrested by the Beijing police. Later police chief Ye Zhenggang of Shuangfeng Police Station in Yubei District led a group of people to pick her up from Beijing. They held her in Shuangfeng Police Station for two days and one night. After extorting 2,200 yuan from her, they released her. However, just a few days later, they seized her again and held her in captivity for 15 days.

In the second half of 2000, the authorities forced her to stay in a brainwashing center for more than one week. They demanded that she pay a "bond" of 1,000 yuan before releasing her. This money has still not been returned to her.

In November of 2000, Ye Zhengguang and another policeman suddenly broke into Chen's home and took her to the Yubei District Detention Center, where she was held for one week. Everyday during her detention, a group of police, including section chief Chen Daming, You Zhenfeng and Li Maohai, took turns interrogating her for over 16 hours straight. After one week, the police were still unable to get her to reveal her sources of truth-clarification materials. They then sent her to Maojiashan Women's Labor Camp to serve a one-year term.

One night in September 2002, two policemen from Shuangfeng Police Station knocked on the door of Chen's home. When she refused to open the door, the policemen called Yubei District Political Committee Head Zhou Yong to come over. Zhou ordered a locksmith to open the door. After forcing their way in, the two policemen broke down a wooden door inside. They turned the whole house upside down and took away many Falun Gong books and some personal belongings. They handcuffed Chen and wanted to take her away. Noticing the many onlookers, Zhou Yong said, "There are still many people. Let's wait a little while." Chen Changying then said, "You're afraid of being seen by other people?" The police were angered by her words and carried her to the police car. At Shuangfeng Police Station, they asked her to sign on a piece of blank paper but she firmly refused. The police then put her in an iron cage for over one hour before transferring her to Shuanglong Police Station, where she was again put in an iron cage.

After interrogating her for more than one week, the police sent her to Yubei District Detention Center. In order to prevent her from practicing the Falun Gong exercises, guard Zhang Yuanli put shackles weighing 50-60 pounds on her. Chen went on a hunger strike to protest the mistreatment and was force-fed with unknown drugs every day. She bled profusely from the mouth during the force-feeding. Each time after being force-fed the bitter and salty liquid, she threw up right away. Zhang Yuli exclaimed, "Let's break her habit of not taking any medicine!"

The second day Chen was at the detention center, Li Maohai from Division One of Yubei District Police Department came to the center with two thugs. They asked some criminals to carry her to Zhang Yuanli's office and slam her on the ground. At that time, Chen was extremely weak and couldn't walk by herself, yet the guards still put shackles and handcuffs on her. That morning, Li Maohai and his thugs beat Chen for close to two hours. In the afternoon, the torture continued for two more hours. The police involved in the torture included Li Maohai, Li Yun and You Zhenfeng. For over two months, Chen was tortured and interrogated like this every day. The police didn't allow her to take showers or change clothes. The shackles and handcuffs were always on her. Later, Chen was again sent to Maojiashan Women's Labor Camp to serve a two-year term.

While at the labor camp, Chen suffered numerous kinds of mistreatments. She was once kept in a small confinement cell, where she had her hands cuffed behind her back and hung up for three days and two nights straight. Every day she was given very little food to eat and was not allowed to use the restroom. On other occasions, she was made to remain in various military postures for long periods of time. In order to prevent her from shouting things favorable to Falun Gong, the guards stuffed dirty socks and tablecloths into her mouth before sealing it with yellow tape. Sometimes they even sealed her nose as well, leaving almost no room for her to breathe.

Once, guard Liu spotted Chen and other practitioners doing the Falun Gong exercises together. He ordered criminals Wang Feng, Liu Xueli, Su Wenjun and Chen Yongli to grab Chen's hair and knock her head against the iron window. They took turns beating her until she had bruises all over her body and her legs became extremely swollen. She felt numb on her body and piercing pain in her feet. The guards once handcuffed her to an iron bed for seven days and seven nights. Every night, she was only allowed 3-4 hours of sleep. On another occasion, guards Luo Chuanmei and Wang Zitao ordered criminals to handcuff her to the top of a window on the fourth floor, with her feet unable to touch the ground. The police didn't release her until one week later.

Another time, all the detained practitioners went on a group hunger strike and the guards attempted to force-feed them. The practitioners firmly refused, and the doctors couldn't get the feeding tubes in. Guard Yu said, "No worries. Each tube insertion costs 25 yuan." For this force-feeding, Chen Changying was made to pay 75 yuan.