(Clearwisdom.net) Time flies, and it has been10 years since the founding of the the Minghui (Chinese version of Clearwisdom) website. I remember back in 1999 when the persecution first started, the environment was very evil, and then practitioners in mainland China learned that we had a website overseas--our very own Minghui website. This website was speaking up for Falun Dafa practitioners, and we were very touched, as if we saw a light in an immense darkness. Amidst this unprecedented tribulation, fellow practitioners overseas have been supporting us and walking with us, and we are touched.

Since 2000, Teachers' articles have been published on Minghui, so it has become a trusted website, which was established by Teacher. It plays a more and more important role in guiding and coordinating practitioners on the mainland in safeguarding and validating the Fa.

I remember when I first opened the Minghui website and saw Teacher's picture, I could not stop crying. I felt like someone who had found his home on a dark night--it was close, secure, happy, and eye-opening. After that, I started to realize a sense of responsibility: I also needed to let fellow practitioners around me know about Minghui, so I became a messenger.

Time flies, and day after day, month after month, year after year, we have endured. We have witnessed the steady development of the Minghui website. Fellow practitioners at home and abroad as a whole have become more and more mature, worldly people have gradually awakened to the truth, and sentient beings are obtaining salvation.

During the past ten years, for mainland practitioners, the Minghui website has been providing those of us who are subject to evil persecution a pure environment, so that we are able to walk on the path of cultivation.

During the past ten years, the Minghui website has been awakening people from the mainland, the power of Truth-Compassion-Forbearance has melted the ice in their hearts, and many have taken a path of hope.

Ten years ago in China, people began to be subjected to the horrifying persecution of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). After that, year after year, numerous mainland Chinese practitioners have been up against the evil persecution. Nevertheless, they set up one truth-clarification material printing center after another and strengthened their connections with Minghui. These centers, just as numerous as the lighthouses in China, echo Minghui, the main lighthouse. They light up the darkness and cast light into people's hearts as well.

Ten years ago, Minghui, the main lighthouse, was still far away from mainland China, and it's power was not that strong. But after these many years, because of the cooperations between practitioners at home and abroad and the power of Dafa, this lighthouse has become much brighter, and it's able to cast light into every area, every corner, and even every person's heart.

Ten years ago, the Minghui website was only a website, but today it represents more than a website. Through the interactions and harmonization of practitioners at home and abroad, it has formed an intangible and immense Fa-rectification field from overseas to the mainland. With the empowerment of Teacher and Dafa, it covers the human world and saves sentient beings. With the force of a tide that the evil beings can't turn, it is moving towards the moment of Fa-rectification.

Here, I'd like to pay tribute to fellow practitioners who work for Minghui and those that work at the material printing centers and help amplify the content of Minghui at home and abroad! Because of your quiet and diligent work, you have brought hope and inspiration to practitioners on the mainland and brought hope to the world's people! Practitioners from the mainland and those who learned the truth in mainland China all want to thank you!