(Clearwisdom.net) A teacher that went to Beijing on official business from Hebei Province was arrested by officers from the local police station at 1:00 a.m., and a month later was subjected to two years of forced labor because he was found to be a Falun Gong practitioner. The case is being reconsidered at present, and today, I made a call to the local officials to tell them the truth about Falun Gong practitioners being persecuted.

A male official answered the call, and after my statement he asked, "The government represses Falun Gong practitioners because they besieged Zhongnanhai. Doing exercises is fine, but why did they besiege Zhongnanhai?"

I replied, "Do you know why so many practitioners appealed to the higher authorities for help at that time? In 1996, Zhuan Falun, the main book of Falun Gong, was recognized as one of the 'top ten best-selling books' by Beijing Youth Daily. However, Luo Gan, the head of the Political and Judiciary Committee, used his power to unauthorizedly seize the affirmations about the positive effects of Falun Gong from Premier Zhu Rongji. Police placed Falun Gong practitioners under surveilance, extorted money from them, harassed them, and even illegally arrested them. In addition, He Zouxiu, a relative of Gan Luo, repeatedly published articles to slander and defame Falun Gong, so practitioners went to the magazine company in Tianjin City to explain that Falun Gong is good and that what He Zouxiu was saying were lies. Later, officers from the Tianjin Police Department started to arrest practitioners and beat them. They arrested about 45 in all. The situation was not resolved, so other practitioners appealed to the Bureau for Letters and Calls of the State Council on Fuyu Street in Beijing. It just so happens that Zhongnanhai is located nearby. Due to the large number of practitioners who appealed there, the police directed all of them to move to the sidewalk on the west side of the road.

"Did you know that, at that time, practitioners gathered spontaneously to appeal in Beijing for help in the hope that the government would release the 45 arrested practitioners as soon as possible and allow Zhuan Falun to be published openly, as well as permit practitioners to practice unmolested. That day, Premier Zhu Rongji held talks with practitioner representatives. After the issue had been resolved, practitioners left quietly at about 11:00 p.m. that night, and cleaned up the surrounding area, including the cigarette butts discarded by the police. At that time, the international community praised this incident as being the first time that the 'Chinese government was being open-minded in accepting suggestions from demonstrators,' and they offered compliments on the high caliber of the Chinese people.

"But later, in order to look for any excuse to persecute Falun Gong, this peaceful petition event was distorted into the so-called 'siege of Zhongnanhai.' More than ten thousand practitioners spontaneously went there to tell the truth, without any posters or slogans, to air their concerns. Their sincere and peaceful demeanor shocked the world."

As I was my making my statement, the man interrupted me from time to time to state his different views, but, finally, I told him the importance of the petition event on April, 25, which demonstrated the peaceful and rational outlook of Falun Gong practitioners.

Our conversation lasted for quite a long time. I told him about the inhuman persecution that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has carried out, harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners. I told him about the tortures that mainland practitioners are being subjected to. Because those criminal officials are still in their offices, where can people go to get their concerns resolved?

The official interrupted me, saying "You know what 'being mentally ill' means? Being mentally ill is just what you are are, spending money on an international long-distance telephone call to say such meaningless things. You are completely exaggerating. There is no organ harvesting--you're just expressing your own opinion."

I said, "In fact, I mentioned to you at the beginning of our conversation that I could use my leisure time to have a good rest, to go shopping, or to watch a movie. Instead, why do I talk so much with you? It is not only to save mainland practitioners, but also to save you. The truth will be revealed. I believe the conversation between us will enable you to be concerned about the truth. After this, you will know the truth, rather than repeating what others say and increase the suffering of good and innocent people. In the future, you will accumulate good fortune because of your good thoughts and being able to distinguish good from evil. The truth will make you safe! I sincerely hope you will be safe."

He hesitated, "I know that you are kind and good, but ... " Even after speaking to him for such a long time, the man still had doubts.

I asked him, "Did you know that, after July 1st, all the personal computers, whether they are manufactured at home or imported from foreign countries, must be fitted with a filtering software called 'Green Dam?' This software will take photographs on the screen and record all online activities of users after it is installed onto computers. This software appears to be protecting minors from pornographic websites; however, after testing, some people found that this software does not protect the user from pornographic websites. So, what is the actual intention of this software?"

The official became interested and allowed me to speak uninterrupted. "There are more than 6,500 lists of non-obscene keywords that will be blocked, among which Falun Gong-related vocabulary terms account for the vast majority. The Communist regime is pretending to fight pornography. However, they actually want to prevent Chinese people from hearing the truth about Falun Gong. Why are they so afraid of people knowing the truth? Everyone will have the wisdom to see through the CCP's lies when he or she faces the truth. Do you know about the software called Free Gate that can break through the Internet blockade?"

The man asked me to transfer this software to him at once. I described to him in detail how the safety of this software is almost perfect. Tens of thousands of servers are located overseas, and they do not keep any record of addresses. Moreover, they would never cooperate with the Communist regime. Therefore, it is very safe for users to break through the blockade to read real news reports from the outside world.

He then said, "I'm so glad to know you. Please let me take a look at these websites, OK?" His tone was no longer abrasive, but instead full of excitement and eagerness. After a long time, I received a message from him, "You have guided me to see the light! Thank you!" I returned a smile picture to him.

From noon throughout the evening, he kept reading, and then he asked me, "May I give this good software to my colleagues?"

I said, "Of course you can! It is great! How important it really is to share the truth with others!"

June 20, 2009