(Clearwisdom.net) My uncle is a policeman. He drifts along with current social climate and gets what he wants by force or trickery. However, his recent changes surprised me.

One day, when I was checking a computer, my uncle suddenly asked me: "You are familiar with computers. Could you check my computer and the 'Freegate' software in my computer?" It turned out that one of his classmate chatted with him online and sent him the "Freegate"software. Since then, he has read overseas news through Dynaweb every day. However, his access was often blocked and he could not go online.

I helped him fix the system and install all the necessary software. He could go to Dynaweb immediately. And then, I asked what he thought about the CCP and quitting the CCP. He said: "The CCP's members are only good at eating, drinking, whoring and gambling. It will be eliminated sooner or later."

I taught him how to go online safely and what he should be aware of. I said: "You should be aware that, although you are a policeman, the evil CCP will deal harshly with you if they know you visit the websites for quitting the CCP."

He said: "I am not afraid. I know those national security policemen. They also visit those websites frequently." After talking for a while, I knew he was clear about the truth of Falun Gong and understood the tide of quitting the CCP. I directly linked to the quitting the CCP page on Epoch Times and asked him: "Have you quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations?"

He said: "Not yet."

I said: "You should, it will benefit you."

He said: "Ok". Finally, he smiled and said to me: "Thank you."