(Clearwisdom.net) On May 30, Vancouver practitioners successfully held a local experience sharing conference. Over 20 practitioners shared their experience on how to do well on the three things (Study Fa, send righteous thoughts, and clarify the truth). Many attendees said that they learned a lot from the conference.

On May 30, Vancouver practitioners held a local experience sharing conference

Clarify the Truth and Help People to Quit the CCP

Auntie Wang is from Mainland China. When she was in China, she helped many relatives, friends and colleagues to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. After coming to Vancouver, though she could not speak English, she took every opportunity to clarify truth to Chinese people and help many of them to quit the CCP.

Despite old age, Mr. Gu managed to learn several mass-mailing computer programs and has sent truth-clarifying materials to millions Chinese people. He received many feedbacks expressing appreciation to his compassion and effort.

Another Aunty Wang is from Beijing. She started to produce truth-clarifying materials at home when her grandson was just 6 year old and the production continued for 6 years. She relied on her grandson to solve computer problems and righteous thoughts to help maintain the operation of the family's material production center safely, even though they were close to a local police station. After coming to Canada, though she is already 70-years-old, she continues to work very diligently on truth-clarification and helps to maintain the Vancouver Quitting CCP Center. Once, she was punched by a young Chinese man who apparently was misled by the CCP's propaganda. She was not upset at all and continued to clarify truth to the young man until he changed his attitude.

Ms. Wang lives in a city far from Vancouver, and she is the only practitioner in her city. She shared how she clarified the truth and remained diligent in doing the thing things. During Shen Yun 2009 World Tour, she went to other cities to help promote the show and she found many shortcomings during the process.

A practitioner named Ben shared how he obtained a new life through Dafa. Before he practiced Falun Dafa, he had many bad habits such as not attending school regularly and using drugs. After he ran into Falun Dafa, he regretted what he did and strove to be a better person following the teachings of the practice. He then completed and high school and graduated from college. He also shared how he gradually become mature during the cultivation process and nurture the heart of compassion.

Several practitioners shared the importance of righteous thoughts. Among them, Mr. Zhou said: "For a while, I was very busy and could not study Fa and practice regularly. Gradually, I felt that I could become tired easily and many things I did was not very righteous. After realizing this problem, I started to get up 5 am everyday to practice the exercises and read the Fa. After that, I felt energetic for the whole day. When I had different opinion on certain issues with other practitioners, I was able to adjust myself and the other party always changed their attitude after I did so."

Ms. Zhang shared that she had a strong attachment to do more Dafa work. Consequently, she left little time for herself to study Fa and practice the exercises. She thought that she was selfless for doing so. Nevertheless, she heard complaint about her and had to face it though the process was very painful. While looking inward, she discovered her attachment to doing things and fame.

Aunty Cai is almost 80 years old and she started to practice Falun Dafa last year. When she was in China, she had all kinds of illnesses and was a frequent customer of hospitals. She had six operations. Last year, she came to visit her son and brought a big pack of drugs of all kinds. With strong recommendation from her son, she started to practice Falun Dafa. Soon, her body changed and she no longer needed medication. Moreover, her temperment became much better and the whole family is more harmonious. Now, she often goes out with her husband to clarify the truth and distribute Falun Dafa materials. She also shared her personal experience in Dafa with her relatives in China.