(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioners assist Teacher in Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings. We are leaving human beings the most righteous cultivation way, so every word and action of our Dafa practitioners should be righteous. Here, I would like to share with practitioners on what a young practitioner saw in other dimensions.

The first scene he saw was, that from other dimensions, Teacher was lecturing and practitioners were sitting by Teacher to listen. Some practitioners were dressed improperly, some had make-up here and there all over their faces, some were wearing all kinds of earrings and bracelets, some spoke the same way as ordinary people. Some had insects crawling all over their desks, and the desks were old and decrepit, and about to collapse. Some practitioners sitting behind the desks were saying, "What should we eat today? How can we live a good life? What tastes good?" At this time, evil beings were biting practitioners.

What was understood from seeing this was that some practitioners model themselves on ordinary people to wear certain styles of clothing and fashion accessories of deviated beings, and are attached to ordinary people's desires and pursuits. Therefore, evil beings can take advantage of practitioners' loopholes to persecute them, and draw negative energy from the practitioners. Unknown to practitioners, some practitioners transmit their energy over to the evil.

Another scene that he saw was that when some practitioners were studying the Fa, they were surrounded by energy. It was like fire in the human world, preventing the evil from coming close to them. As soon as they came anywhere near the practitioners, they were dissolved by the practitioners' energy immediately.

What was understood from these scenes was that true practitioners are the ones who follow Teacher's words, try to look within at all times, and do the three things well. They also pay attention to their actions and words in daily life. They understand their mission of saving people and returning to their original homes and true selves.

Due to my limited personal level, fellow practitioners please kindly point out anything inappropriate.