(Minghui.org) As the evil has lost more and more ground, they have become ever more desperate. In its last ditch efforts, nothing has been too shameful for the Chinese Communist Party to do. Recently, some people outside of China have sent massive amounts of electronic mail, claiming that certain practitioners are spies. They have even included the practitioners' home addresses, hoping that this kind of information will lend credence to the lies and inflammatory content in those emails. These things were done by CCP agents.

No matter what the CCP does, the core of its methods remains the same and is a manifestation of its wicked nature. The most common of the CCP's base methods is swaying public opinion using a variety of personal attacks. As anyone who has read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party knows, the nine main traits of the CCP are wickedness, deceit, incitement, attacks, robbery, thuggery, dividing-and-conquering, destroying at all costs, and control. Starting from July 20, 1999, when the persecution of Falun Gong began, the CCP has put to use all of its experience in past political struggles to undermine Dafa practitioners from within. They created false scriptures in Mainland China to interfere with practitioners' righteous beliefs, hoping to destroy those who did not study the Fa well. Overseas, they interfered with practitioners by establishing wicked websites, making harassing phone calls, and other methods.

Now that the CCP is getting ever closer to destruction, they are directing their agents to use electronic mail to interfere. They gathered personal information about some practitioners and maliciously put that to use in the form of e-mails to practitioners outside of China.

Outside of China, practitioners are able to visit the Minghui website and Dafa Associations have formal channels for communication, so no such articles that turn the truth upside down and make personal attacks would ever legitimately get sent to practitioners' personal emails.

One issue to consider is why some practitioners were fooled by these emails. Why is it that some are forwarding these inflammatory emails to many other practitioners? Isn't this unknowingly helping the evil? We should think hard about which notion or attachment of ours this is targeting. When we go looking for something new or novel, go to extremes, or pass along gossip, those are the things that the evil wants to happen the most. Put another way, these are the things that spies themselves started, so would they really expose the real spies to us?

We are not cultivating for the sake of showing off for others, and even less should we go look for how others are cultivating. In the process of going towards Consummation, if in all that we do, we can take the Fa as the Teacher, be steadfast in our righteous thoughts, and eliminate all of our attachments, then the evil's complete disintegration is not far off.

Falun Dafa Association

May 26, 2009