(Clearwisdom.net) On May 15 and 16, 2009, the 5th Spring Spiritual Holistic Expo was held in Allentown, Pennsylvania. During the two-day expo, practitioners promoted Falun Dafa to the local residents and clarified the truth about the Chinese Communist Party's brutal persecution of Falun Gong.

Practitioners participated in the 5th Spring Spiritual Holistic Expo in Allentown, PA, on May 15 and 16, 2009

Among the over-one hundred booths, Falun Dafa was the only one that provided free classes taught by volunteers. The display boards with rich content, large banners, beautiful lotus flowers, and music attracted many visitors. Over 90 percent of the visitors heard about Falun Dafa for the first time, and they were very favorably disposed toward the principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and recognized the health benefits of cultivating Falun Dafa.

Many of them were very upset about the Chinese Communist Party's persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners in China. Some wanted to learn more about the practice, and a few bought copies of Zhuan Falun to read. Over twenty people learned the exercises at the site, and another forty people signed up for the next free exercise class.

"I'm back"

On Saturday, when a practitioner was teaching the exercises, he noticed a woman that seemed to have practiced the exercise before, because she could do the movements before he taught them. Later, the lady, named Geri, said that she had learned the exercises in Philadelphia a few years ago, but she stopped doing them. This time, she came to the expo to look for some health-improving exercises and saw Falun Dafa again. She realized it was not a coincidence, so she decided to cultivate again. She was very sad and in tears when she learned that the CCP is harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners in China. On the second day, she came to the expo to correct her movements again.

"He wants to learn the exercises"

A nine-year-old boy and his grandfather are learning the Falun Gong exercises.

A man and his grandson came to the Falun Dafa booth. The man pointed to his grandson and said, "He wants to learn the exercises."

After they learned the exercises, the grandfather told a story. Starting the day before, the boy suddenly began to sit with his legs crossed without anyone having taught him anything. The practitioner that was teaching them the exercises did notice that the boy could sit in the full lotus position with correct posture. It seemed that the boy must have a big predestined relationship with Dafa.

"I believe he will learn Falun Gong first"

A father and son came to the Falun Dafa booth. The father said that his 17-year-old son wanted to learn Chinese martial arts, but he believed a person that practiced martial arts must have the virtues required first, so he brought him to the Falun Dafa booth. After hearing the introduction to Falun Dafa, the father bought a copy of Zhuan Falun and left his contact number for the next free exercise class.

Story of a seven-year-old boy

Jonas is seven years old and he came with his mother to the Falun Dafa booth. His mother said that he wanted to learn the exercises. When she learned that the exercises can stimulate thinking and correct wrong behaviors, she was very happy and encouraged her son to learn right away.

When Jonas saw some practitioners doing the meditation with both legs crossed, he tried to do the same, but it seemed his legs were quite stiff and even putting one leg over the other was quite difficult for him. The practitioner told his mother not to worry, that it would be fine after a while. So the boy started learning the exercises along with three adults.

After the four standing exercises were taught, they moved on to the meditation. By then, Jonas' legs seemed to be a lot more flexible. He easily pulled up one leg and with a little more force, he pulled up the other. In a short 20 minutes, the boy could sit with both legs crossed.

The teaching practitioner noticed the boy's wrinkled eyebrows while learning the meditation. Obviously, his legs were in pain. But he didn't give up. Instead, he pulled his legs up higher.

Later, the mother left a contact address and wanted to learn the exercises herself.

A few years ago, Falun Dafa practitioners went to Allentown to promote Falun Dafa. This time when they returned, they could see that people were eager to learn Dafa.