(Clearwisdom.net) My mother lives in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province. She started Falun Dafa cultivation on October 2, 2007. Even though she was 86 years old then, she was determined to practice Dafa diligently.

How could an old person not get ill without doing exercises? Before she began Dafa cultivation, mother had many illnesses. She had stomach disease, kidney stones, a cataract in one eye, and her other eye was totally blind. The muscles in one of her legs had atrophied so she had to use a cane to help her walk. She had to take medicines year-round and required an IV every month.

My mother's health quickly improved after beginning Falun Dafa cultivation practice. She could see again on the day after she began practicing. One of her eyes is totally healed and the other eye that was blind now shows the pupil. Her muscle atrophy has also been healed. To what extent has she been healed? For an 88-year-old woman, she can walk up and down the streets and ride the bus for a very long distance. My brother once walked with her and wanted to support her but she refused, saying, "You don't need to help me. I am a Dafa practitioner!" One day mother told me, "Your uncle was having problems getting onto a bus, but I could easily board the bus. I found it a little funny. I told your uncle that he needed to do the Dafa exercises with me."

I always took care of mother's medicine, even after she began Dafa cultivation, and I have witnessed mother's tremendous changes. Her health has improved substantially and she no longer needs any medicine.

I gave her Teacher's audio lectures so she could listen to them. She told me that she said to Teacher, "Teacher, I am not an educated person and I don't have other means to study the Fa so I will do more exercises." Mother does exercises twice each day. She is now able to mediate for 45 minutes in full lotus position.

My 88-year-old mother uses the vigorous vitality of a Dafa disciple to prove that "Falun Dafa is good."