(Clearwisdom.net) Two weeks ago, a practitioner from another region came to our region to seek help. This female practitioner had been detained at the Wanjia Forced Labor Camp twice and suffered various forms of torture, for example, she was hung up, bound to an iron chair and shocked with electric batons. During the suffering and under torture she did not give up her belief and at the same time clarified the facts to the guards. In addition, she helped some practitioners who had gone astray to return to cultivation. However, after her release this time, she had fallen into a very bad state and was unable to break through for a long time. Her state was becoming more and more severe: she felt sleepy while studying the Fa and fell asleep after reading two lines of the Fa; she could not maintain her hand position while sending forth righteous thoughts and nearly fainted; foreign messages often interfered with her and she could not distinguish her true self. She was confused by foreign messages and wanted to go and bury herself deep in the mountains to cultivate.

Some local practitioners shared with this practitioner and several practitioners studied the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts with her each day. Ten days later she was able to send righteous thoughts and wrote an article to expose the crimes of the persecution at the Wanjia Forced Labor Camp. After she rectified her state, she returned to her hometown.

After she left, I suddenly realized: this practitioner was unfamiliar to us, why did she come here to seek help? Was it by accident? On the surface we were helping this practitioner to look within, but actually she helped us to look within. Regretfully, we did not realize it at that time and lost the chance to improve as one body.

In sharing with this practitioner, we all felt that she was attached to self very much. She often talked about her feat at the forced labor camp and mentioned that she had witnessed some supernormal phenomenon. She was validating herself. The old forces took advantage of this loophole to persecute her and caused her to be in that predicament. Shouldn't we take this opportunity to examine ourselves? Practitioners in our region were attached to self for a long time. Some practitioners have these thoughts: I need to improve and complete cultivation and establish mighty virtue. Some practitioners often said, "I did a lot and saved many people." Isn't this showing off oneself? Without Master and Dafa, what can you do? A few influential practitioners were not able to relinquish this for a long time and were opinionated, which resulted in gaps among them, thus hindering the local practitioners from forming one firm body and therefore creating a lack of improvement as a whole.

In our region, the practitioners who have differing opinions all shared with this practitioner and helped her to look within. We should not forget: that practitioner is a mirror and while helping others we should also look within!