(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioners Mr. Cong Rixu and Ms. Tian Lu, a couple from Dalian City, were posting informational materials on Xiangzhou Road, Ganjingzi District, Dalian City on January 13 2009. They were followed by plainclothes police and arrested at the gate of Chunliu Street Police Station. Ms Tian Lu was detained for 31 days and released on February 12. Cong Rixu is still in detention. It is said that the police are trying to sentence him.

The policemen involved in the arrest are from the Ganjingzi Criminal Investigation Unit: Zhao Jiajiang (police number 206215), Jin and another policeman. When they were arrested, both practitioners spoke aloud about the persecution of Falun Gong. It was in the street and many people watched the scene. The police put handcuffs on them and forced them into a white car, covering their heads with black bags.

They were taken to an interrogation room in the Ganjingzi Investigation Unit, and there suffered torture, being bound in an iron chair while police interrogated them. The unnamed policeman saw that Ms. Tian Lu was firm in her belief and started to slap her face. However, she still clarified the truth and sang Dafa songs to every policeman who interrogated her. Some policemen were very interested and their attitude relaxed a little.

Later they were taken to different places, in different cars. Policemen Zou and Zhang Yan at first moved Tian Lu to the Dalian No.3 Hospital to do a pregnancy test, then on to Huazhong Street Police Station to do fingerprinting and photographs. The two practitioners refused to cooperate. Even though their hands were pushed onto the fingerprint collector, no prints were collected. Police finally sent them to Dalian Detention Center. Cong Rixu was detained in room 5-2 . Tian Lu was detained in room 8-8.

While in the Dalian Detention Center, Tian Lu was interrogated five times. State Security Team policeman Jiao Jian interrogated her twice. Collaborators Du, Lingling, and Dong were also involved in the interrogations.

In the detention center, both practitioners went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. On the night of February 12, Ms. Tian Lu was released. Mr. Cong Rixu's situation is still not known. He was beaten by prisoners while in room 5-2. On January 13, police from Ganjingzi Police Department searched his house. His Dafa books, informational materials, a notebook computer, a desktop computer and printer were taken away. Pictures taken of Cong Rixu on Xiangzhou Road were used as the "evidence", in an attempt to sentence him to a prison term of three to seven years.

It has been reported that the Ganjingzi Procurator approved the arrest of Cong Rixu and told his wife Tian Lu to sign it. Tian Lu refused. Ganjingzi policemen claimed that even if she does not sign, the Procurator will approve the arrest.

As of March 3, 2009 Cong Rixu has been detained for 50 days. We hope that people will help to rescue him and let him be reunited with his family as early as possible.

Collaborator Lingling: 86-13478449814(Cell)
Dalian 610 Office head Jiao Jian: 86-13050510924(Cell)
Ganjingzi Police Department Criminal Investigate Team Zhao Gang: 86-13130494526(Cell), this person is very evil and hypocrisy
Ganjingzi Political and Law Committee: 86-411-86641270
Ganjingzi 610 Office: 86-411-86649757
Xinghua Street Police Station policeman involved in the case: 86-411-86602626
Policemen: Liu Lei and Zhao Zhikun