(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioner A related an incident to me about how practitioner B was interfered with when she was making truth-clarification materials, and that instead of looking inward, she started playing games, and led an ordinary person's life. When practitioner A talked to her about her cultivation state, she argued, "Why are there so many practitioners in fairly good environments that don't do anything, yet you are pushing me?" (Practitioner B's family environment is quite special). Practitioner A told her, "Making materials is not for Teacher, nor for practitioners, but for yourself. You are building your own mighty virtue."

After listening to practitioner A relate this incident, my face turned red. When I calmed down and thought about practitioner A's words again, I truly felt that it was benevolent Teacher using a fellow practitioner to enlighten me, and that listening to practitioner A was not accidental.

Although the conversation between these practitioners had nothing to do with me, I identified with this mind-set as well, as this had happened to me a few times. When I had to undertake something (even though as a Fa-rectification period practitioner, it wasn't related to my actions), my unbalanced mentality kept surfacing, and I complained to myself often about why other practitioners didn't take on more work, especially in practitioner C's case, when her entire family practices Falun Gong, and yet they have strong attachments to selfishness.

What Teacher has given me since I began practicing is beyond description, and I am often moved to tears for Teacher's benevolence. As long as I have the heart to do things for Dafa, Teacher provides me with opportunities: "Cultivation depends on one's own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one's master." I understand that everything is done by Teacher; however, why do my attachments still pop up? Now I feel Teacher's painstaking efforts even more. Why should I feel unbalanced at all? Teacher saved me--a person with a great amount of illness karma who led a miserable life. From this hell, He gave me opportunities for building up my mighty virtue. However, instead of cherishing the opportunities I was given, I came up with a grumpy attitude, which even divine beings would not look upon. Just because some practitioners may have a fairly better living environment, doesn't work still need to be done by practitioners? Their cultivation paths are surely arranged by Teacher, so what's the point of me, a bystander, feeling so unbalanced? If we were truly doing something for the benefit of fellow practitioners, for their improvement, and for the benefit of our one body, then we shouldn't think of our fellow practitioners with an unbalanced heart, because this unbalanced heart has hidden selfishness. If this work was done by fellow practitioners, I would have suffered less hardship (this is a pursuit of comfort), or been exposed to less danger (attachment of fear); additionally, there is jealousy between practitioners who are doing things in a very well-organized manner, or who have a harmonized family environment. This all amounts to human attachments.

The purpose of writing this article is to expose my unbalanced heart and other relevant attachments, and to completely eliminate them at the root.