(Clearwisdom.net) One day in 2006 when I was distributing truth-clarifying materials with two other practitioners, one of them was stopped by a bad person. The police came, and I was arrested and taken to the police department. I recited Master's poem "Eliminate Evil" (from Hong Yin Vol. II)

The police found the truth-clarifying materials in my bag and took me to a room on the second floor. Several policemen came and interrogated me. They said, "Name persons who ran away!" I didn't answer their questions. One of them said furiously, "Don't want to talk? Show her some hardness! Your hardest bone will turn soft here." While he was talking, he walked over and pushed me into an iron chair and handcuffed my hands to the arms of the chair. I said seriously, "I was clarifying the truth to save people. Why do you treat me like this? I did not do anything against the law! Let me go." The policeman said coldly, "If you can get your hands out of the handcuffs, you can go." I said, "You have to honor your words! What if I can get my hands out?" I held my fingers together, pulled back, and my hands came out. He was stunned. He then said cunningly, "No, the handcuffs were too loose. Look at your smooth skin and soft hands." He came over and handcuffed my hands tightly to the arms of the chair. I didn't say anything. In my heart, I was talking to Master, "Master, I made a mistake! I was not compassionate enough and I should not have argued with them. I came to validate the Fa, not to validate myself. I need to go out to save more sentient beings. My attachments to showing off and the competitive mentality were taken advantage of by the evil."

The police couldn't get any information from me, so they started using electronic batons to shock me. I could only hear the sound of "dang, dang," but did not feel any pain. In my heart, I asked Master, "Master, I want to use my great compassion to shock the evil." Instantaneously, the police threw the electronic batons on the floor and cried out, "Ah, she had electricity on her body." I took the opportunity to clarify the truth to them, saying, "This is the mighty power of the Buddha Fa! My Master was protecting me. Buddhas, Daos, and gods are here with us, and rescuing a Dafa practitioner can earn mighty virtue. It will bring good fortune to you and your family. Persecuting a Dafa practitioner will incur debts for your family!"

One policeman said, "You were asking people to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. That is against the CCP!" I said, "I have told you that it is to save sentient beings. You have heard many predictions from those who believe in Buddha, Taos, and God. Those predictions say, 'When the human world reaches the point where men and women, young and old, have no sexual control, it is the time when humans have lost all their virtue and should be destroyed!' Look at our country. From top to bottom, from high ranking to low ranking officials, who is clean? They are pursuing their own benefits whenever possible and are messing up the relationships between men and women. Now the gods and Buddhas have come to the human world to save people. If you are a CCP member, withdrawing from the CCP will save your life! You can still do whatever you are doing right now, but you weren't able to persecute me. My magnificent Master is very compassionate, and he didn't hurt any of you! What do you think?"

They were all stunned! They walked out of the room, saying, "She has supernormal abilities." The police went to another room to have a discussion. I asked Master to strengthen me, and my handcuffs opened. I relaxed my hands, pulled them out of the handcuffs, and walked out of the police department with righteous thoughts.

My enlightenment is this: When a Dafa practitioner's heart is at the level of Buddhas, Daos and gods, the mind, main consciousness and physical body will join together and the practitioner will not be restricted by the five elements or the human world, and thus be in the state of Godhood.

Published on March 3, 2009