(Clearwisdom.net) On the night of March 14, 2009, Shen Yun Performing Arts staged its third show in the Kaosiung Labor Education and Life Center. The performance was much appreciated by the audience.

International Art Exchange Association Director: Great admiration for the choreographers

Ms. Huang Sujuan is the director of the Guanyinshan International Art Exchange Association. She commented after watching the show, "I feel the show is really great. This is the second time that I have watched Shen Yun. It's really good and worth seeing for a second time. The digital backdrop is fantastic and the changes and transitions of the projected background pictures are awesome! It felt like the dancers were flying right out of the backdrop. I wonder how such programs were so well designed. I really admire the choreographers' work!"

Ms. Huang continued, "The costumes are exceptional, beyond imagination. I can't find any flaw with them. I feel purified from inside out. I don't know how to describe the feeling. It's just so great and unique. I have never seen any performing arts group with such splendor."

Ms. Huang was especially impressed with the program "The Udumbara's Bloom" and said, "The dance movements and the blossom...Wow, they're superb! The accompanying music works extremely well with the dance movements. In fact, every program is so special and moving. I am an artist and I feel that everything I see has great depth. The stage design, music and backdrop projection are all so wonderful!"

Artist Zhu Meizhen: The show is a great guidance and inspiration to my art creation

Zhu Meizhen is a well-known artist. She said, "This is the third year that I have watched the show. The first year I saw the show and said to myself that I would come the next year. Then last year when I watched the show again, I decided to come this year. So this time around I brought my parents, husband and eight students to enjoy the show with me."

Zhu Meizhen, her husband Dr. Xiao and two friends

The dance program "Heaven Awaits Us Despite Persecution" deeply touched Zhu Meizhen. She said, "The scene where Avalokitasvara took the victim to Heaven really moved me. A single thought can determine the outcome. Kind thoughts can rectify society and bring hope and peace to the world. Evil thoughts and violent persecution should be condemned and abandoned."

Ms. Zhu was very grateful to have been able to watch the show. She said, "I feel my mind was purified after watching the show. It's like I've begun a new life with new hope. I think people will see hope as long as they harbor kind thoughts. I also feel everyone in attendance today is fortunate. We should feel grateful and satisfied. At present, social turmoil and financial crisis dominate the world stage. We're lucky to be able to enjoy such a show. We should cherish what we have. I'm really moved."

Before the show, Ms. Zhu donated some of her artwork and used the proceeds to sponsor underprivileged groups to watch the show. She said of her donation, "Even though every piece of my art work took a long time to finish, the fact that I was able to sit in the front row to watch the show is a reward to me. Every dancer felt like Avalokitasvara and I was so close to them and could feel their compassion. No loss, no gain. I donated my artwork and I got the chance to see such a show."

"This show is really an inspiration and guidance to me. I am going to do a piece on the show. While watching the show, I felt many fairy ladies dancing around and I wanted to join them as well. I was very happy. It felt like I was also in a certain realm."

Ms. Zhu's husband Dr. Xiao is a dentist. He expressed his great admiration for the high-tech digital backdrop. He said just watching the backdrop alone was worth the ticket price. For instance, the turning of stone in "Legend of the Brush" and the collapse of the stone mountain in "Monk Ji Gong Abducts the Bride" were so vivid and they made him feel he was right there.

Vienna Art Center Director: Shen Yun Music's Natural Flow is very Pleasant

Ling Peichen is the director of the Vienna Art Center. She had heard about Shen Yun before and was deeply impressed after watching the show. She said, "I was really struck today. The music and sound effects, as well as the dance, really moved me. The 5000-year Chinese history is truly great! The artistic design of Shen Yun programs is fabulous! I'm really touched!"

Vienna Art Center Director Ling Peichen

Ms. Ling said, "All the Shen Yun musical pieces are original. It is very delicate and moving. The lively expressions on the dancers' faces were very natural and really touched you. The backdrop made me feel deities were really descending from Heaven."

She continued, "Shen Yun music feels like something naturally flowing deep in your heart. You don't have to try to appreciate the music. It's just there flowing to you. Very pleasant! Terrific! I've never seen anything like the show that combines drama, music, dance and high-tech together. It's just flawless and perfect!"

Ms. Ling said that the very first program "The Five Millennia Begins" really struck her, "The costume, props, music and choreography were all well designed." She also liked the sound of the triangular music instrument used in "The Udumbara's Bloom." She said the rhythms made by the instrument plus the dancers' movements made her feel very peaceful.

In the end, Ms. Ling said that she really enjoyed the program "Dance of the Snow-Capped Mountain." The movements along with the picture shown on the backdrop gave her the feeling of traveling through a time tunnel to the snow-capped mountain.