(Clearwisdom.net) Tainan, TAIWAN- On February 21, 2009, the Divine Performing Arts (DPA) staged its third show at the Tainan Municipal Cultural Center. Many celebrities from the art world and businessmen applauded the DPA's magical performance.

A full audience for the DPA's third show in Tainan

Music Professor: The Blend of Eastern and Western Music Sounds Good

Mr. Lin Yu-Hsiung, a professor in the Music Department of the National University of Tainan, said the mix of Eastern and Western music sounded good. He described the show as "wonderful, beautiful and colorful."

"It's wonderful because the theme of the DPA's show is very creative. It's beautiful because all the artists are professional and hence the show was magnificent. It's colorful because the show is full of diversity and creativity. There were stories from ancient times and expectations for the future."

Dance School Director: This Show Is a "Must-See"

Dance School Director Chen Baoyu.

Ms. Chen Baoyu has been involved in dance education for a dozen years. Her favorite program of the Spectacular was "The Poet's Vision, " in which the poet had to be drunk but at the same time be able to move agilely, lightly, and skillfully. She said the artist did an excellent job.

Chen said the Spectacular is a must-see because "it is a feast of visual beauty. Every artist is a top pick, including those who do the lighting, stage setup, costumes, musical compositions, piano, and solo singing. One has to admire such exquisite performances." Chen brings her students to the DPA show every year.

Director of the National Museum of Taiwan Literature: A Marvelous Show for Chinese People to See

Mr. Zheng Bang, Director of the National Museum of Taiwan Literature, was glad to see the show. He said, "The modern technology blends in very well with traditional stage performance. The stories were well-told. I was most impressed by the ideas that praise Chinese culture and oppose the Communist Party persecuting good people. This is a marvelous show for Chinese people to see."

Entrepreneur: Perfect Show

General manager of the 3H Machine Co. Guo Sanhui (third from right in the back) and his wife and colleagues

Mr. Guo Sanhui has worked in the machinery business for 38 years. He described the show as "wonderful, excellent, fantastic." Guo has traveled all over the world for business and has never seen a show quite like it.

"The program 'Heaven Awaits Us Despite Persecution' made me sad. We need to learn from the Falun Gong practitioners in China who are unyielding despite the regime's suppression."

Guo's wife continued, "The performance has deep meaning that is truly moving. Buddhas appeared in the first program, and I teared up right then. Also I got very sentimental when I saw the program with a Falun Gong practitioner tortured by the Communist Party. It is a very touching and moving story."

President of High Tech Company: Feels Like in Heaven

President of Auria Solar Mr. Tsai Jin-Yao brought his binoculars. He was thrilled by the first piece, saying, "It feels like heaven. The backdrop, lyrics, costumes, dance, and music are all original. The DPA put in a lot of effort in promoting Chinese culture. I am glad to see such a show."

He noticed the resolution of the backdrop projection was very high and thought it would take a lot of time to make. "Heaven Awaits Us Despite Persecution" touched him particularly. He said, "The good man was persecuted to death, but divine beings came and brought him back to heaven."

Manager of High Tech Company: Brilliant Art Show

Mr. Guo Guohua, general manager of G&E Herbal Biotechnology Co., could tell that the artists put in a lot of time in their body language. "The dance movements changed all the time. The artists use muscular body movements and smooth, gentle motions accompanied by elegant music. It beautifully described a divine feeling. I can tell every single detail is carefully arranged and carried out. It's a successful show indeed."

Community Leader: The DPA a Breath of Fresh Air

Mr. Li Jinguo, president of the Tainan City Small- and Medium-Size Business Advisory Board and head of the Business Management Association, believed the DPA brought hope to a society that has lost its moral values in pursuing financial interest. "The DPA can help us calm our minds. It brings us hope. As the global financial crisis is hitting everyone hard, the DPA bring a breath of fresh air. It conveys the power of Buddha through modern technology. As long as you have righteous thoughts, and as long as you want to do kind deeds, divine beings will come down to the human world to help you "

CEO of Culture and Art Foundation: Fantastic Art Achievement

Ye Chongli, CEO of the Tainan Enterprise Culture and Arts Foundation.

Mr. Ye Chongli, CEO of the Tainan Enterprise Culture and Arts Foundation, was most impressed by "Heaven Awaits Us Despite Persecution." He could feel the pain of the Falun Gong practitioners in China who insist on their belief despite the persecution. "The show makes people think. We need to fight for our basic human rights, that is, the freedom of belief. That was really touching, especially as it was portrayed in the form of dance. It's a fantastic artistic achievement. The choreography skillfully merged the idea of human rights and values with dance. Very intelligent."