(Clearwisdom.net) On October 13, 2008, Domestic Security agents from the Songyuan City Police Department arrested Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Dong Fengshan at his rental home in the city. More than ten days later, his wife and two relatives went to the house and found, to their great surprise, that three police officers were waiting there. The police confiscated their bags and took them to the police station, where they were subjected to interrogation. When the police confirmed that the three of them were not Falun Gong practitioners, they forced Mr. Dong's wife to sign a document without allowing her to see its contents, then released them.

Mr. Dong Fengshan was detained in the Shanyou Detention Center in Songyuan City and secretly sentenced to nine years in prison. The whole process was done without notifying his family. On October 23, 2008, he was taken to the Jilin Province Prison in Siping City. Only six days later, on October 29, 2008, Mr. Dong's wife received a call from Siping Prison telling her that Mr. Dong was dying of an illness. However, when they rushed to the prison, the administration told them that he had already died.

The Prison Administration failed to give his family any reasonable explanation. They told his family that on the day Mr. Dong entered the prison, he had a conflict with the cell leader (a prisoner) because he did the Falun Dafa exercises. He went to work in the prison cement factory the next morning without eating breakfast. Mr. Dong was taken to the prison clinic by lunchtime due to a sudden stomachache. He was rushed to the Siping City Prison Hospital later when the situation became more severe, and he died some time later.

Mr. Dong's family were not convinced because they had seen him on October 22, 2008 in the Songyuan City Detention Center, one day before he was taken to the Siping Prison, and he was fine and not ill; he ate and slept well, and he was in good spirits and health. How did he die of sickness only six days after entering the prison, and what was he ill with? If he became sick on the second day he arrived the prison, why did they not notify the family?

According to new information, Mr .Dong Fengshan was beaten to death by prisoners Lu Zhanfeng, Wang Guoxiang, Chen Chuang, Wang Yanshuang, Han Shuang, Di Shaoquan, who were encouraged by "Education Ward" guard Hao Yulin.

Siping Prison Operator: 86-434-5462364/5463712/5462211/5462212
Lan Lijun, Prison Director Assistant (also CCP "Transformation" Chief): 86-13843433137, 86-434-6112116 (Home)
Chen Guomin, Education Office Chair: 86-13944480566 (Cell), 86-434-6166111 (Home)
Education Ward: operator, ext. 9920 (Office)
Yin Shoudong, warden of Education Ward: Operator, ext. 9955 (Office), 86-434-611737086 (Home), 86-13596678668 (Cell)
Zhou Jijia, Deputy Warden of Education: 86-13294345678 (Cell)
Guards: Zhang Yajun, Geng Mingcai, Wu Tie, Zhang Cixing, Yang Tiejun, Gao Gewei, Li Haifeng, Hao Yulin (86-13843433159, Cell)
Jiang Xinguo, hospital director: 86-13944412501, 86434-3242501 (Home)

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