(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Wang Yanqin is a Falun Gong practitioner and lives in the Tang Village of Kouzhuang Town in Qianan City, Hebei Province. In July 2008, officials arrested her ahead of the Olympic Games and did not release her until October. Ms. Wang was arrested again in late November, and her whereabouts are unknown. Her husband, who is severely ill, has been left unattended.

Ms. Wang is about 48 years old. Since July 1999, she has been severely persecuted. In 2003, several policemen (Peng Minghui, Pu Yonglai, Ha Fulong and others) dragged her by the hair, beat her, and poured cigarette lighter fluid into her mouth. They then ignited the fluid and severely burned her mouth and tongue. She was unable to eat or speak, and due to the beating they gave her, she could not walk for seven or eight days.

In 2004, Ms. Wang was forced to stay away from home to avoid arret. Her son was working in a city far away, and her daughter was a middle school student. Around the time of the Chinese New Year, Ms. Wang returned home. But before she was able to have a meal with her family, she was arrested and taken to a labor camp. During that time, her husband had a stroke and no one was around to look after him. He had to crawl to the homes of neighbors in the village to get any food. His health is still precarious today.

In October 2007, before the CCP 17th Congress, officials came several times in an attempt to arrest her but failed. In July 2008, before the Olympic Games, policemen broke into her home and arrested her. Ms. Wang, wearing only a shirt and shorts, was taken away and not released until October. By then, it was already very cold, but she was still wearing only the clothes that she had on when she was arrested back in July.

In 2008, Ms. Wang was persecuted several times. Her crops were left unattended and did not grow well. What did grow could not be harvested and was either stolen or left to rot in the fields. In late November, officials arrested Ms. Wang again, and her current whereabouts are unknown.