(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Jiang Yong from Shanghai City, while detained at the Tilanqiao Prison, was recently tortured by six guards, each using an electric baton. The beatings burned large areas of his skin, causing much bleeding. At one point, Fan Zhenqun, the deputy captain of the sixth ward (police no. 3101368), even said, "Electric shock therapy is better than medical therapy." One of the prison guards, Xu Meng (police no. 3101395), electric shocked and beat Mr. Jiang while asking others to measure Mr. Jiang's blood pressure, fearing that he might die of the torture. Mr. Jiang became unconscious at times, but whenever he revived, Xu Meng continued to shock and beat him.

Mr. Jiang Yong lived in the Xuhui District of Shanghai City. He was sentenced to eight years in prison by the Xuhui District Court for talking to people about Falun Gong. He is currently still detained and tortured in the Tilanqiao Prison of Shanghai. Much insider information indicates that he has been frequently tortured with brutal methods, and he was even on the verge of death at one point and had to be sent to the prison hospital for urgent medical treatment.

According to reliable sources, Mr. Jiang went on a hunger strike during April 2008 and was transferred to the so-call "Strict Discipline Team" for further persecution. Guard and director of the Prison's Criminal Management Division Yang Changyuan (guard no. 3101149) had gone to the Strict Discipline Team and requested the second ward take Mr. Jiang. According to the published regulations of the Tilanqiao Prison, inmates who are tied down to bed and unable to take care of themselves should be untied from the bed after a week so that they can clean themselves and exercise their limb muscles before being tied down again.

However, while in the second ward, Mr. Jiang was tied to a board continuously for four weeks. After he developed stomach bleeding he was untied from the board and sent to the Shanghai South Prison Hospital for emergency treatment. He was then released from the hospital, but after a few days, he was once again on the verge of death due to gastric perforation and was sent back to the hospital.

Recently, guards from the sixth ward's second team, including captain Ding Jun (guard no. 3101595) and Wu Leming (guard no. 3101373) tied up Mr. Jiang Yong and dragged him out of the hospital. Mr. Jiang shouted, "The Chinese Communist Party(CCP) persecutes Falun Gong! The CCP is an evil cult!" His righteous voice shook the whole prison hospital, and he continued shouting until he was forced into the police vehicle. Several policemen shocked him with electric batons and sealed his mouth with tape.

After taking him back to the prison, it was then that Deputy Captain Fan Zhenqun of the sixth ward led policeman Xu Meng and six other policemen to electric shock Mr. Jiang. Fan Zhenqun himself participated in the torture.

Due to the lengthy electric shocking and beating, Mr. Jiang's mouth swells and keeps bleeding, his ears and various part of his body have charred and ulcerated. However, the police still continue to tie him down on the wooden board. Mr. Jiang's legs have become numb and he cannot walk on his own.

The author hereby appeals to international anti-torture organizations and people with a sense of justice to help investigate this inhumane incident that happened in the Shanghai Tilanqiao Prison, and to support the practitioners detained there.

Liu Jinbao, director of the Shanghai Tilanqiao Prison, 86-21-35104888

Cheng Ying, deputy director of the Shanghai Tilanqiao Prison, 86-21-35104888