(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, the Shenyang 610 Office in Liaoning Province manipulated the courts in different districts to give a number of Falun Gong practitioners long sentences. The Shenbei New District Court in Shenyang City sentenced practitioner Ms. Wang Shumei to ten years of imprisonment, Mr. Xi Changhai to eleven years, Mr. Huo Defu to six years, and Mr Sun Yushu to eight years. The Dadong District Court sentenced practitioner Ms. Liu Tingxiu to three years of imprisonment, Ms. Zhang Qinghua to three and half years, Ms. Wu Naiying to four years, Mr. Cong Liang to four and half years, and Ms. Jiao Lianfang to three years. The Tiexi District Court sentenced Ms. Zhao Guiyun to three years.

Practitioner Ms. Wu Yefeng, Ms. Liu Guifeng, Mr. Zhao Guoliang, Mr. Cai Zongbin, Mr. Zheng Yi and Mr. Lin Huaiyu have already been detained for six months. The so-called "case files" have been transferred to the Huanggu District Court from the Huanggu District Procuratorate to be ready for an upcoming hearing.

Practitioners Ms. Wu Yefeng and Ms. Liu Guifeng are detained in Shenyang Detention Center. The guards in the detention center won't allow any detainees to speak to Ms. Wu. The persecution that she has had to endure has affected her terribly--she is mentally slow, her eyes are dull, and she has almost lost the ability to speak. Wu Yefeng had been forced to lead a homeless life for several years. She was followed and arrested by officers from the Yaming Police Station in the Huanggu District, Shenyang City, on June 15, 2008. She is now in Shenyang Detention Center. When she was on a hunger strike to resist the persecution, she was savagely force-fed with salt water and food.

Practitioners Mr. Zhao Guoliang, Mr. Cai Zongbin, Mr. Zheng Yi, and Mr. Lin Huaiyu are all in the Huanggu District Detention Center. Mr. Zhao is 53 years old this year. He was a carpenter at the Shenyang Cold Drawn Steel Factory and was well known for being a respectful son. On the afternoon of June 16, 2008, he was arrested by officers from the Huanggu Public Sub-Bureau and the Yaming Police Station and officers Wu Bo and Li Wei from the Hongxing Small Residential District on Nanshuncheng Road, Shenhe District. They locked him up in a narrow, airtight cage in June when the weather is usually very hot.

The Huanggu District Court in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province: 172 Zhujiang Street, Huanggu District, Shenyang City, Zip Code 110031
Criminal Court One:
Jiang Yuhong: 86-24-26219977
Li Li, Qu Dazhi: 86-24-26219969
Jin Jun: 86-24-26219567
Lin Fenglei, Lu Xiaohui, Wang Rui: 86-24-26219568
Criminal Court Two:
Xu Baimei, Zheng Hao: 86-24-26219562
Duan Lei: 86-24-26219797

The Huanggu District Procuratorate in Shenyang City: 45 Huashan Road, Huanggu District Zip Code 110031
Tel: 86-24-86413083

Shenhang Detention Center: Gaoli Village, Zhaohua Township, Yuhong District, Shenyang City
Zip Code: 110148, Tel: 86-24-89241894 Ext.8084, 86-24-89248084
Deputy Director Guo Baoan
Political Commissar He Dongning
3rd Division Team Leaders Wang Shuangyuan and Xu Yan (female, in charge of persecuting Falun Gong)
Some of the Educators: Zhao Min, Zhao Yanling, Xu Haiying, Duan Guojie, Yao Dongmei, Zhang Botao, Tong Yuxing, Gao Xinfu, Zhao Ying, Jiang Shuang, Yu Xin, Liu Jie